Molly Holly Backstage At WWE Show, Nowinski, More

The wrestler formerly known as Molly Holly, Nora Greenwald, was backstage at the 9/9 Smackdown tapings in Minneapolis, Minn. at the Target Center. Greenwald lives in the area and was simply visiting friends. Rey Mysterio was also backstage at the event, but to sell his head injury from being squeezed by Khali, he didn't appear on the show or even in front of the fans despite being advertised

Christopher Nowinski, who is still under contract to WWE, was removed from the Smackdown Your Vote web page on As of late, he has been speaking out to raise awareness of concussions in sports and WWE. WWE often utilized him for official speaking engagements, but his removal from the web page may indicate those days are now over.

Last night was the debut of the new season of Survivor. Ashley seemed to be teetering on the brink of elimination because she got extremely ill during the second day, and thus she wasn't able to contribute to the group much. Fortunately for Ashley, a guy named "Chicken" ended up being the first person eliminated. The teaser for next week's episode focused on Ashley as they showed footage of Ashley wrestling in the mud with another female contestant as the narrator said "Next week, the pro wrestler comes out in Ashley." They also showed Ashley and another tribe member verbally fighting. Furthermore, Ashley was "blurred" twice during the show -- including the teaser clip of her wrestling another female contestant down in the mud for next week's episode.

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