The Great Khali Taking Time Off, Molly Holly News, More

- Former WWE Women's Champion Molly Holly was in attendance at the Victory Pro Wrestling 2 Year Anniversary show on 3/8.

- WWE will be returning to wrestling legend Terry Funk's hometown of Amarillo, TX for the first time in years on 6/22 at the Civic Center. One has to wonder if they will do anything with the Funk family.

- A new media article out of India notes that The Great Khali is looking to take Bollywood by storm and will star in "Ramaa - The Saviour" which is a children's adventure film. The movie will be shot in Vietnam and Burma, most likely later this year. The article notes that Khali made it clear that his debut Bollywood role should be a positive role, as he has a huge fan following in India, especially among the kids. There are other movie roles in Bollywood that Khali is considering and he wants to work with a number of top movie stars there.

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