Weird WWE Website Change, Molly Holly, WWE Injuries, Cena, Lots More

For some reason or another, WWE has removed their official TV previews from the website. Sometimes I think the WWE web guys play games with sites like ours as last week they took the SmackDown Champions off the roster and as soon as we mentioned it in a post, it was right back up.

Former WWE Diva Molly Holly will be making her WSU debut at the promotions October 11th double DVD taping in Boonton, New Jersey.

The official release date for WWE's 12 Rounds film starring John Cena is March 13th, 2009.

There were no major injuries coming out of WWE's tour of Europe this past week. Most of the Superstars returned to the States yesterday to get ready for the full week of WWE programming.

WWE has added a live event in Dublin, Ireland on 4/19/2009 on their Spring tour of Europe.

The word going around is that John Cena will not be a part of WWE Studios' "The Marine 2." The movie is currently in rewrites and is set for a 2009 direct-to-DVD release. I can't imagine any other current WWE Superstar with a name that would draw to star in the film. Imagine Big Show or Batista as the next Marine.

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