Why Carlito/Primo Are Together, 'Taker's Bad Knee, Tiffany's Real-Life Boyfriend

One of the reasons WWE put Carlito together with his brother Eddie (Primo) in a tag team is because they believe it will help improve Carlito. Eddie is said to have a great attitude and works hard. They are hoping it rubs off on Carlito, with the idea that he won't want his little brother to outshine him in WWE.

One of the Undertaker's knees are bothering him. Undertaker had arthroscopic surgery while he was off and his knee was in worse shape than they thought, and the beginnings of arthritis have set in. He was noticeably limping on the recent International tour and most feel that is due to him coming back so soon to work the Hell in a Cell match with Edge, which was very physically demanding. He has been booked for house shows in tag matches, and the TV dark matches have been kept short. While the knee is bothering Taker, they feel that by limiting him that he should be fine. Taker has a reputation for being one of those guys who can be in tremendous pain backstage, never complain about it, never show it in the ring, and comes back hurting behind the curtain.

WWE Diva Taryn "Tiffany" Terrell is still dating actor Alfonso Ribeiro, who you may know as Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air show. The two were recently spotted together at a red carpet event for the E! Entertainment network.

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