Another Error On RAW Last Night, Pat Patterson's Return, & More

Did anyone notice the graphic error on Raw last night? Before going to a commercial, they showed a graphic of Big Show and Edge to promote the contract signing and Edge was shown with the WWE Title over his shoulder rather than the World Heavyweight Title. How do they make these kinds of mistakes? Just thought I'd point that out. (Thanks to Ben Kerr)

Big Time Wrestling is proud to announce that Pat Patterson will appear at Wrestlfest 2009. Patterson, who along with Ray Stevens, were the top stars in California from 1965 to 1981. Patterson held the US Title on five different occasions, as well as the tag team titles on nine different occasions. Patterson was also the first Intercontinental Champion in the WWE. He was also the winner of the big battle royals of 1975 and 1981, which was the last battle royal in the area. Don't miss this opportunity to meet this Hall of Fame wrestling legend at BTW WrestleFest. For more details visit (Thanks to [email protected])

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