Backstage Update On Carlito/Primo, Morrison's Face Turn, More

The decision to turn John Morrison babyface on Smackdown and pulling him from the originally scheduled Scramble match three weeks ago was because the company suddenly realized they need another top babyface ready to go and he was picked. However, some were left wondering why he was jobbed cleanly to Chris Jericho on WWE Superstars. The general feeling here is that while turning Morrison babyface is indeed the plan, it is another example of the company trying to make new stars and then not following up on it right away.

While he can still be quite moody at times, Carlito has been telling friends that he's enjoying his job much more now because his brother Primo is working and traveling with him. Officials put the two brothers together in hopes that it would light a fire under the former WWE Intercontinental Champion, who has a reputation for getting frustrated and lazy when he's unhappy with his standing in the company.

WWE officials have taken notice regarding Primo Colon and recognize that he's a really good worker. Officials hope that he will get Carlito, who is seen as the more charismatic brother, to move past second gear and keep up with Primo.

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