RF Video recently conducted a shoot interview with former WWE wrestler Hardcore Holly and he holds nothing back while discussing his 15-year tenure in the company.

Perhaps the most notable portion of the interview concerns Holly's explanation for being let from World Wrestling Entertainment back in January. He has some choice words for a certain wrestler in the company to say the least that person being Raw Superstar Mr. Kennedy. Holly believes Kennedy is responsible for his ultimate release from the company and is angry with him to this day, so much so that he issues a personal threat to him during the interview.

Courtesy of RFVideo.com, here is a synopsis of what you can expect to hear from Holly concerning his issue with Kennedy in the shoot interview:

"I got a call from Bob today when he was boarding his plane and he told me what he wanted to talk about on the shoot. He asked me point blank can he say what ever he wants and I told him that this is his day. This would be his platform to do what ever he wanted. He went off on a 5 minute promo on how he wants to beat the hell out of Ken Kennedy on the phone and told me about his major heat with him. This is not a work at all and on the interview, Bob goes into what happened to get these two once best friends into a bitter battle. You will hear right from the mouth of Bob, how Kennedy told Bob to go into his bag and get something out of it for himself. I do not want to get to graphic here because it makes the shoot. You have to watch this as soon as you can, as Bob sends a private message to Ken on this tape. I would not want to be in the shoes of Mr. Kennedy!!!"

Here is another synopsis on the subject, noting Holly making a threat "that is sure to get the WWE's attention":

"The highlight of this interview is Bob talking about his WWE release. How did someone once so close to the boss get released? Bob sends a clear message to a current WWE superstar and calls him out by name. What is this wrestler's culpability in Bob's firing? Bob will tell you a story that will shock even his biggest detractors. No names are protected and nobody is innocent as Bob makes a threat that is sure to get the WWE's attention. What happened between Bob and his former friend? You will hear about it all from the horse's mouth in this classic RF Video Shoot Interview."

Reportedly, Holly was caught stealing pain pills from another wrestler's bag this past summer, hence his sudden disappearance from television. He was immediately taken off the road, sent to a rehabilitation facility, and ultimately released.