Candice Michelle's Biggest Regret, Hardcore Holly Turns 47, Lashley's Fight

-- In today's wrestling birthday, Bob "Hardcore" Holly turns 47 years old.

-- Bobby Lashley fights Saturday night against Wes Sims on the Strikeforce Miami event. The show airs live on Showtime at 10PM ET.

-- Former WWE Women's Champion Candice Michelle spoke to on a slew of topics including her favorite wrestling matches, whether she will ever return to the industry, what made her decide to enter the Diva Search contest in 2004, her greatest accomplishment, and much more. The former WWE Diva also made note of her multiple injuries, saying her biggest regret was returning to the ring too quickly from them. However, she wants people to know that she's not injury prone. "The biggest frustration of my career has been my lack of responsibility to myself thus resulting in my injuries," Michelle said. "Some things are unpredictable in the ring but after one broken collarbone and not a release note from the doctor to get back in the ring, but I did anyways because I was so excited to get back resulting in shattering it and surgery. Then I tried overdoing it on my return and not listening to my body resulting in the two torn ligaments. So to everyone who thinks I'm injury prone, that's such phony baloney! It would be easy to say that but I'm a big girl and learned to take responsibility for my mistakes. "There's no mistakes as long as you learn from them!" Needless to say I learned the hard way!" You can read the interview in its entirety at She also reveals whether she was upset with being released by WWE.

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