TNA House Show Results (10/16) - Dreamer Vs. Abyss, Hardcore Holly!

Thanks to reader Zach for sending in these results from last night's TNA house show in Dubuque, IA.

Just got back from the TNA house show in Dubuque and man was it a GREAT experience. We got in early for the Meet and Greet and Don West was selling his 20 dollar brown bag special, I ended up buying two but the bad thing was the same DVD's were in both of them and got the same shirt, at least if you order two online their different. The following wrestlers came out for the pre-show meet and greet Douglas Williams, Brian Hebner, Eric Young, Madison Rayne, Rhino, Matt Morgan and Abyss. Very cool to be apart of that everyone seemed to have fun and enjoy it except for Matt Morgan.

Samoa Joe Defeated Jeff Jarett in about 30 seconds to let JB hand out backstage passes to people. Fun opener, too bad it couldn't have been longer though. Joe won with the Muscle buster.

Jay Lethal defeated Douglas Williams to retain his X-Division title. Another fun match with good back and forth action here.

Madison Rayne defeated Angelina Love to retain the TNA Knockouts title. Earl Hebner came out to ref this match, he didn't look like he felt well and when I asked Brian during the pre-show meet and greet about him, he said he wasn't feeling well. I think this was the only match Earl did all night. He did his typical Bret Hart pose and then took off his ref shirt and had his "Yes I Did" shirt on thorough the match. Surprisingly this was a very good women's match, shame that TNA can't give them this much time on TV.

Beer Money, Inc. defeated Eric Young & Orlando Jordan. Orlando Jordan was surprisingly over with the crowd. Good little comedy match. Eric Young and Beer Money fed off each other very well. At one point Eric ended up facing Jordan for part of the match as if he were a part of Beer Money while Beer Money stood on the apron and watched.


Rhino defeated Matt Morgan with the gore. Another solid match here.

Tommy Dreamer defeated Abyss in a Monster's Ball Match. Great hardcore match. Dreamer was very over with the crowd. Mr. Anderson came out and helped Dreamer get the win with a chair shot to the head. Anderson was really over.

After the show you could get into the ring with Mr. Anderson and take pictures with him for $20.

Also, as we were leaving, Tommy Dreamer was walking around and I asked for a picture and he said to hang on cause he had to find someone ... turns out that someone was none other then Hardcore Holly! They stood and talked for a little bit by the exit doors. After Holly and his wife left, Dreamer took pictures and signed autographs for people. GREAT time and amazing experience. All the wrestlers were very approachable and very nice. TNA does an awesome job with their house shows.

Zach contributed to this article.


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