WrestleMania: Epico & Primo Vs. The Usos Vs. Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd (WWE Tag Team Championship)

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WWE Tag Team Title Match: The Usos vs. Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs. Primo & Epico

We go to the ring and out first comes The Usos with their Samoan entrance. The new team of Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd are out next followed by the WWE Tag Team Champions Primo and Epico with Rosa Mendes.

One of the Usos, Gabriel and Primo start things out. Gabriel gets dumped to the floor wile Primo and Uso go at it. Primo ends up on the floor. Kidd hits him with a knee from the apron. Kidd comes in and rolls Jey Uso up for 2. Kidd and Uso go at it now until Primo hits a dropkick from the top. The tag champions double team Uso in the corner now and tag back and forth. Primo takes one of the Usos up top but Kidd slams them both to the mat with a Tower of Doom.

The other Uso comes in and cleans house. Gabriel comes off the top but gets caught in a backbreaker. Uso continues the offense and his brother tags in for some double teaming. They hit a double team Samoan Drop on Gabriel. Usos splash Gabriel and Kidd in the corners now as the champs regroup. 2 count as Primo breaks the pin up. The champs get dumped out to the floor on each other. Uso leaps from the ring out to the floor on the champions. Kidd gets dropped out in the pile also. Gabriel goes to springboard out to the floor but slips. He goes back up and moonsaults out onto the other 5 Superstars.

Gabriel brings Epico in but gets caught with knees to the gut off a springboard. The Usos try to take the pin after a splash from the top but don't get it. Primo hits the Backstabber on Uso from behind for the pin and the win.

Winners: Epico and Primo


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