WWE Superstars Recap: Mahal Vs. Riley, Uso's Vs. Primo & Epico, Ryback

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The opening video runs and we are told that tonight's main event is Alex Riley vs. Jinder Mahal. Ryback comes to the ring, followed by his opponent, Johnny Curtis.

Ryback vs. Johnny Curtis

The crowd chants "Feed Me More" and the men lock-up. Curtis gets in a cheap shot and bails out of the ring. Curtis gets an advantage on the way back in the ring, but it is short-lived. Curtis gets another small advantage but Ryback powers his way up. Ryback hits shoulders in the corner then tossed him over his head. Ryback hits his trademark vicious clothesline and stomps around the ring with Curtis on his shoulders and drops him for the win.

Winner by pin: Ryback

Matt Striker wonders if Ryback is ready for a title match. We go to a break.

Stills of HHH's match at SummerSlam are shown. We get a video of HHH's speech from RAW.

The Uso's vs. Epico & Epico w/ Rosa Mendes

Epico and Jimmy start things off. They go back-and-forth. Jimmy catches Epico's boot and slaps him in the face then tags Jey for some classic double-teaming. Jey gets 2. Epico attempts a dropkick but Jey just swats him away. Epico tags Primo who tries to build some momentum but he is shutdown. Jimmy tags back in. Primo takes control with a headlock and Rosa is pleased at ringside. Primo misses wit ha springboard moonsault and Jimmy takes over and tosses him out then follows with a splash to the outside. Jey does the same to Epico. The Uso's stand tall and celebrate in the ring. We go to a break.

Jey takes it to Epico in the ring. He goes up top but Epico pushes him off to the outside. Epico distracts the ref while Primo gets some cheap-shots in on Jey on the outside. Primo and Epico take turns on Jey. Jey ducks in the corner and makes the tag to Jimmy. Epico leaps in too. Jimmy hits a flurry of offense including the Running Stinkface. Primo breaks the count and mixes it up with Jey on the outside. Jimmy hits a Superkick on Epico in the ring and connects with a Superfly Splash but Rosa distracts the ref from the apron. Primo comes in and hits the Backstabber on Jimmy behind the ref's back. Epico gets the pin.

Winners by pin: Epico & Primo

We go to a break. We return and the RAW Rebound of CM Punk vs. Jerry Lawler is shown. Alex Riley gets the jobber entrance and Jinder Mahal makes his entrance.

Alex Riley vs. Jinder Mahal

They lock-up and trade armbars. Riley hits a couple of nice armdrags and goes to a headlock. Mahal works up and the hold is released. Riley continues with offense. Mahal takes over with boots to Riley on the canvas and gets 2.

Riley gets in a dropkick to take Mahal off his feet. Riley hits a series of clotheslines and a spinebuster. Riley hits a DDT but Mahal kicks out. Riley goes up top but Mahal makes him lose his balance. Mahal hits a knee to the jaw and applies the Camel Clutch for the win.

Winner by submission: Jinder Mahal


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