WWE Bringing Back Maria Menounos, CM Punk Follows Referee Backstage, Wade Barrett

- Wade Barrett wrote the following to fans on Twitter about the use of his elbow finisher:

"My elbow could knock out a horse. #BarrettBarrage To any internet gimps angry with me for knocking people out with an elbow: You can all kiss my English backside."

- WWE.com cameras caught CM Punk arguing with AJ Lee and the referee after last night's RAW main event ended in controversy. WWE has not identified that referee but we know he is Brad Maddox from developmental. The cameras saw Punk asking the referee his name for when he files a formal complaint. Punk kept yelling at the referee while Heyman tried to get him to back off. AJ Lee finally interrupted him and defended the referee's actions.

- WWE officials have been talking about bringing Maria Menounos back for a storyline and match. According to PWInsider, talk is that she may be brought back later this year or in early 2013 closer to WrestleMania 29.

Source: PWInsider


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