Steve Austin Recovery Update, WWE Looks At Legendary Managers For Today's Stars

- Steve Austin has posted a "Redneck State of the Union" on his website, Broken Skull Ranch. During the blog, Austin wrote that his knee is "doing great."

"I am slowly regaining size and strength in my left leg," Austin stated. "I had a new ACL and PCL grafted in on July 2 and I am happy with how everything is progressing."

Austin also discussed the latest season of Redneck Island, sushi burritos and more. You can check the full blog entry here.

- has an article by Howard Finkel looking at who some of the legendary managers from yesteryear would be managing today. Some of the pairings include Slick - Brodus Clay, Freddie Blassie - Antonio Cesaro, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan - Dolph Ziggler and Jimmy Hart - Heath Slater. You can check out the full list by clicking here.

Joe Raider Fan contributed to this article.


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