WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap - Miz Vs. Darren Young, Kofi Vs. Epico; Ziggler-Ryder

Welcome to the WrestllingInc.com WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap.

- We open with the theme and crowd shots. Our opening contest is The Miz vs. Darren Young. We go to footage of their confrontation from last week.

- We go to the ring as The Prime Time Players make their entrance. Josh Mathews is on commentary with Daniel Bryan. The Miz makes his entrance.

The Miz vs. Darren Young

Miz lounges in the corner as Titus helps Young with his hair. They lock-up and Miz messes Young's hair up in the corner. Miz plants Young face-first as we see a shot of Bryan and Josh. Miz throws Young out as Titus blows his whistle and calls for a time-out. We go to break.

Miz and Young trade near-falls as we return to action. Daniel Bryan makes entertaining comments from commentary; he wants to be known as the dazzler. Young hits a knee in the guts and drops legs on Miz for 2. Young continues to work Miz over. Miz hits an off-camera clothesline and some more poorly shot moves. Titus gets on the apron while Miz has Young pinned. Miz kicks him to the floor and delivers the Skull Crushing Finale to Young.

Winner by pin: The Miz

- Kofi Kingston is in action, NEXT.

- A highlight package for Kofi is shown in this week's Saturday Morning Spotlight

- We go to the ring for Kofi's entrance. Primo & Epico come to the ring.

Kofi Kingston vs. Epico

Kofi hits an early crossbody out of the corner for a 2. They go back-and-forth with quick offense; Epico hits a monkey-flip out of the corner but Kofi lands on his feet and hits his own for 2. Bryan says Kofi's hair weird. Bryan's hair is still slicked-back and Josh asks him what he's doing with it. Kofi slingshots Epico over the top and onto Primo as we go to commercial.

Epico is in control in the ring as we return. Kofi builds momentum and hits the Boom Drop. Kofi delivers an airplane spin to Epico and Primo tries to interfere but gets hit in the face by Epico's feet. Kofi hits the S.O.S. to Epico for the win.

Winner by pin: Kofi Kingston

Kofi celebrates in the ring.

- Natalya is standing by in the back with Zack Ryder. Ryder faces Dolph Ziggler next week and he talks about Ziggler beating him for the U.S. Title last year. He says 2013 is the year of the Broski. Ziggler shows up with AJ and Big E. They have words and say they will settle it next week.

"Have a great weekend everybody. So long."


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