WWE Superstars Recap: Usos Vs. Primo And Epico, Kofi Vs. McGillicutty

Superstars this week dives straight into the action.

The Usos vs. Primo and Epico (with Rosa Mendes)

Primo and Jimmy start things off. Primo takes control with several takedowns. He tries to keep the attack up, but Jimmy hits him with a big shoulder knockdown. Jay comes in and keeps up the attack.

Primo hits him with a mule kick, and then Epico comes in. He goes for a punch, but Jay uppercuts him, followed by a body slam. Epico escapes to his corner and tags Primo in. He charges Jay, but gets hit with a kick to the face.

Jimmy comes in hot and the two do some double team for a two count. Jimmy goes to work on Primo's arm, but Primo escapes and knocks Jimmy down.

Jimmy comes back quick and charges Primo into the corner. Jay comes in and locks in a side headlock. Jay hits Primo in the head several times. Jimmy comes in and the two go for a double team kick, but Primo rolls out of the ring.

Back from commercial and Epico is in control of Jimmy. Primo comes back in and kicks Jimmy several times. He chokes Jimmy on the bottom rope and then slams him for a two count.

Primo punches Jimmy in the head, and Epico comes back in. He slams Jimmy's arm off the turnbuckle, and then hits him with a DDT.

Epico keeps up the attack for a few moments. Primo comes back in and backs Jimmy into the corner, but Jimmy fights back. Primo whips Jimmy into another corner and charges him, but Jimmy moves and Primo crashes into the turnbuckle.

Jay and Epico come in and Jay takes control. He knocks down Epico several times, and hits an interrupting Primo with a Samoan Drop.

Rosa Mendes tries to distract Jay so Epico can hit him with a back cracker, but Jay moves. Jimmy comes in and hits the Samoan Splash for the win.

Winners: The Usos

The tail end of Cody Rhodes and John Cena's match from Raw is then shown, followed by Cena's announcement of which title he will be fighting for at Wrestlemania.

Then, The Rock's promo where he wanted to thank the WWE Universe on Raw, followed by CM Punk's interruption, is shown.

Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty

The two wrestlers tie up, and Michael hits Kofi with an elbow to the face. He backs Kofi into the corner and kicks him to the mat.

Michael whips Kofi into the ropes, and then nails a standing dropkick. He then locks in a side headlock.

Kofi tries to fight back, but Michael squashes it with a knee to the gut. He tries to charge Kofi, but Kofi hits a dropkick.

Kofi then hits Michael with several forearms, and a standing dropkick. He then bounds off the ropes and delivers a jumping lariat.

Kofi then hits the Boom Drop, and signals for Trouble In Paradise. Michael ducks and sends Kofi into the corner. Michael charges him, but Kofi kicks him in the head and goes up top. Michael goes to deliver a dropkick, but Kofi catches him by the legs as he lands, and then slingshots him into the turnbuckle.

Kofi then jumps up top and lands a crossbody for a two count. Michael comes back quick, and delivers several punches to Kofi's head. He charges Kofi, and both wrestlers reverse each other's moves back to back for a few moments.

Kofi hits the Trouble In Paradise out of nowhere in the shuffle for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

After the match, a recap of the Royal Rumble Fan Fest/ NXT Royal Rumble Tournament is shown.

Back from commercial, and highlights from Mr. McMahon's job evaluation of Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar's attack are shown to end the show.


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