WWE Superstars Recap: Usos Vs. Rhodes Scholars, Layla Vs. Tamina

WWE Superstars opens this week with a match, as usual.

The Usos vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Sandow and Jay start things off. Sandow hits a shoulder knockdown, and Jay hits a chop. Jimmy comes in and the Usos double team him. Sandow quickly tags Rhodes in, and Jay mocks his mustache. Rhodes kicks Jay, and then slams his head into the turnbuckle. Rhodes keeps up the attack. Jay escapes and tags in Jimmy, and they both attempt a double kick as Rhodes rolls out of the ring.

Back from commercial, and the Usos are tagging in and out, keeping Sandow isolated. Eventually, Sandow makes it to his corner and tags in Rhodes, who slams Jimmy to the mat. He then chokes him using his boot. Sandow comes back in, and kicks him in the gut, followed by his somersault Russian leg sweep, followed by the Elbow of Disdain. He then locks Jimmy in a headlock. Jimmy fights out and hits Sandow with a lariat. They both crawl towards their corners, and Jay and Rhodes come in.

Jay takes control and hits several clotheslines and a flying shoulder knockdown. Rhodes is seated in the corner, and Jay hits a running hip attack. Rhodes comes back and hits an uppercut, but Jimmy tags himself in and the Usos hit the Alley-Us. Sandow breaks up the pin attempt, and Jimmy kicks him out of the ring. Jimmy turns around to a beautiful disaster kick by Rhodes for the win.

Winners: Team Rhodes Scholars

Then, the John Cena/The Rock point counterpoint from Raw is shown.

Then, Triple H's promo from Raw where he challenges Brock Lesnar for Wrestlemania is shown.

Layla vs. Tamina

They tie up, and Tamina backs Layla against the ropes. The ref breaks it up, and Layla drop toe holds Tamina. Tamina knees Layla in the gut, and then tosses her into the corner. Tamina charges Layla, but runs into her boot. Layla grabs Tamina's legs to try and take her down, but she knees Layla's head into the mat. Layla comes back quickly with numerous elbows. She tries to whip Tamina, but Tamina doesn't budge.

Tamina whips Layla, and then clotheslines her. She pulls Layla to her feet, and rushes her, but Layla moves and Tamina crashes outside the ring. She immediately gets up and rushes to get back in, but Layla kicks her back to the floor. Layla throws Tamina back in the ring, and Tamina hits Layla in the throat. She then slams Layla's head into the mat multiple times. She then drops a pair of knees on Layla's head.

Tamina whips Layla into the corner three times. She charges Layla, and Layla moves. Layla tries for a roll up, but Tamina kicks her chest. Tamina hits a body slam, and then locks in a chin lock. Layla fights out via several elbows to the head. Layla then kicks Tamina several times, followed by a crossbody from the top rope for a near pin fall. Tamina holds onto Layla as she kicks out, and puts her on her shoulders for a Samoan drop. Layla wiggles out to the mat and quickly rolls Tamina up for the win.

Winner: Layla

Then, the majority of the Fatal Four Way to determine who faces the Undertaker at Wrestlemania is shown to end the show.


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