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- Impact kicks-off with a recap video of Slammiversary.

- We go to the arena and crowd shots from Atlanta, GA.

- Aces & 8's music hits and TNA World Champion Bully Ray walks out by himself, through the crowd. Bully shakes hands with Taz and yells at Mike Tenay for being a Sting fan. As reported, there is no Todd Keneley.

Bully enters the ring and introduces himself to a sea of boos. Bully says Slammiversary hasn't been kind to Sting as last year he got jumped and this year he got single-handedly defeated by Bully. He says TNA has no more heroes. Bully says there is nothing left to do and that he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Bully calls Dixie out but Hulk Hogan's music hits.

Hogan says Bully forgot that this is Hulkamania country. Hulk gets in the ring and asks if Bully just said that there is no competition in TNA. Bully says "yes" and calls him "dad." Hulk says the Bound for Glory Series is beginning and next week Bully will see a list of names and possible contenders on the selection show for that tournament. Hulk says that tonight Bully will face a man that he screwed twice: Jeff Hardy.

Hardy walks out to the ring and an agitated Bully Ray slips to the floor. Bully says Hogan can't just put him in a match tonight. Hogan says he is the GM and he can do just that. Hulk says that the title is not on the line but to make Hardy comfortable, there will be a giant ladder at ringside and hanging above the ring will be...Hardy pulls out a hammer. On a side note, Hogan's bandages on his left hand have been removed and he is wearing a purple surgical glove on it.

- We go to a Bound for Glory Series video package.

- Chavo and Hernandez talk in the back as the camera eavesdrops. Chavo is excited about being added to the BFG Series. He wants the World Title. Hernandez puts out his hand and thanks Chavo for teaching him the Guerrero way. Chavo says he didn't teach him everything and he walks away, leaving Hernandez hanging.

- Back from a commercial as Hernandez makes his entrance for a BFG Series qualifier. Chavo makes his entrance.

BFG Series Qualifier: Chavo Guerrero vs. Hernandez

We see Chavo's uncle Hector on Spanish commentary. Chavo tries to take the big man down but Hernandez hits him with a shoulderblock. They reset and Chavo goes behind and after some jockeying, Chavo hits an armdrag. Chavo takes control with uppercuts and he hits a dropkick for 2. Chavo avoids a headbutt on the mat and makes a cover for 2. Chavo continues to dictate the pace and keep control of Hernandez.

Hernandez powers back and puts Chavo up top. Chavo flies off and Hernandez catches and slams him. Hernandez takes over with some power offense. Hernandez hits a splash in the corner and drops Chavo for 2. Tenay pushes the Rampage signing. Chavo hits 2 Amigos but Hernandez counters the third. Chavo counters back with a kick to the head. Chavo goes for a frogsplash but Hernandez gets his knees up. Hernandez stacks Chavo up on his shoulders and keeps him down for the 3.

Winner by pin: Hernandez

Hernandez puts his hand out but Chavo fist-bumps him instead.

- Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is welcomed in the back by James Storm and Gunner. They wish him luck and he continues walking.

- We're back from a break as the former Television Champion, Devon, makes his way to the ring. Devon is in a foul mood and he insults the crowd. He tells Abyss he wants his title back as the match was never sanctioned. Joseph Park awkwardly comes out and he says he is done being bullied. He gets in Devon's face and hits a double leg and unloads on Devon. Devon comes back with a vicious shoulderblock and unloads with strikes and knocks Park to the floor. Devon sends him into the post and grabs a chair.

Abyss' music hits as Devon goes to use it. Devon is fixed on the entrance and says he will find Abyss himself. He hits Park one last time and exits through the crowd. Park sees the blood on his lip and starts to turn into the Incredible Hulk. We go to a commercial.

- Devon and Knux look around and inside rooms for Abyss in the back.

- Robbie E. comes to the ring and cuts a promo and says he was the MVP in last year's BFG Series as he beat Hardy and earned a whopping 5 points. Samoa Joe comes out next.

BFG Series Qualifier: Samoa Joe vs. Robbie E.

Joe takes Robbie's head off with a kick immediately and goes to work. Joe hits an Enzuigiri in the corner and he crowd is behind him. Joe hits a running knee in the opposite corner and unloads with knees. Joe hits the Muscle Buster and goes to a rear choke as Robbie taps out immediately.

Winner by submission: Samoa Joe

- Back from a commercial to footage of The Knockouts from last week's show.

- Mickie James approaches Velvet Sky in the locker room and wants to give her an Impact Wrestling Georgia Lottery ticket. We get a nice close up of the ticket in some gratuitous, blatant product placement. Mickie wants to apologize for not doing anything to help Velvet last week. Velvet wants her rematch but Mickie blows her off and says she will give her one when Velvet is ready.

- The Kurt Angle Hall of Fame video is shown.

- Rampage is out next!

- JB is in the ring and the crowd is on fire as Rampage is introduced. Quinton Jackson makes his entrance with his signature howl. Rampage makes it a point to slaps hands with some kids at ringside. The crowd drowns out Rampage but they seem to turn up his mic. Rampage says he is here to be the best but he knows that he has to beat the best.

Kurt Angle's music hits and he walks to the ring with a steady purpose. Angle and Rampage stare at each other and Angle goes in close and says Rampage is looking at the best. Angle says Rampage is the best in the cage but this ring is his world. Angle says when Rampage is ready some day, he will have to go through him.

Rampage shakes and twitches his face but they shake hands and Rampage goes back to mean mugging Angle and gets nose to nose. That looked very fake and contrived for the cameras like they do at UFC and boxing weigh-ins. It came off as a nice segment nonetheless. Rampage slaps hands with fans on the way back up the ramp.

- Jeff Hardy talks to himself, or the interviewer, in the locker room about his match tonight. He says he and the Creatures will be satisfied.

- James Storm, Chris Sabin, and Gunner are on their way to the ring.

- Bully and Mr. Anderson drink in their lair. Bully wonders if Anderson has seen D'Lo. Anderson says he thinks he has a headache. Anderson says the important thing is that the VP spot is open. Bully asks for suggestions. Anderson says a lot by not saying anything. Bully complains about having to face Hardy tonight. He says Aces & 8's need a representative in the BFG Series and he is going to do something about it. Anderson asks if Bully needs any "assistance" in his match. Bully says a good VP knows how to make that call and walks away. Anderson asks himself, "So does that mean I'm VP?"

- Kenny King and Roode & Aries make their entrance followed by James Storm, Gunner, and Chris Sabin.

Roode & Aries and Kenny King vs. Storm & Gunner and Chris Sabin

Sabin and King start us off. Sabin holds on to King's arm after a deep armdrag. King gets rocked in enemy territory and things break down with all 6 men in the ring. Sabin flies onto all 3 opponents through the ropes. Sabin and King continue in the ring. Aries hits Sabin from behind and the heels take over. Roode tags in and keeps control of Sabin. Roode hits a suplex and drops a knee for 2.

Sabin tags Storm who goes crazy on Roode. Aries rakes the eyes and drops Storm across the top rope as he jumps to the floor from the apron. Aries tags in and gets 2 on Storm. The heels make quick tags as they stay on top of Storm. James Storm creates some space and leaps for the tag to Gunner. Gunner hits a suplex to King but Roode & Aries break the count. Gunner gets hit with a spinebuster by Roode. Storm takes out Roode but Aries hits a missile dropkick to Storm's face. Sabin hits an Enzuigiri to Aries and a springboard DDT to King. Sabin hits Hail Sabin for the win.

Winners by pin: Roode & Aries and Chris Sabin

- The new Knockouts Champion, Mickie James is all smiles and on her way the ring.

- Devon and Knux continue their search for Abyss in the building. They think they have found him and rush into a room...

- We see footage of the fantastic Knockouts match from Slammiversary.

- Brooke Hogan and Taryn Terrell talk in the back. Taryn is beaming as Brooke praises her performance on Sunday. Taryn asks about Bully Ray and Brooke says to keep it about wrestling. Interesting.

- Mickie James is introduced to the ring. Taeler Hendrix makes her entrance.

Mickie James vs. Taeler Hendrix

Mickie applauds Hendrix with over-the-top enthusiasm as she enters the ring. ODB is our referee. The ladies lock up and Hendrix goes to an armbar. Mickie reverses and Taeler puts Mickie on her butt. Mickie applauds her and tries to get the crowd in to it. Mickie holds on tight to a side headlock. We get a "Cena Sucks" chant from the crowd. Now they are chanting, "Yes!"

The ladies shake hands in the center of the ring and lock up again. Mickie goes behind to a waistlock. More back and forth. Taeler lands a kick to the gut and Mickie complains to ODB about her knee. Mickie hits a cheap shot as Taeler goes to check on her. Mickie hits a spin kick for the win.

Winner by pin: Mickie James

- Knux' shadow gets attacked by Abyss' shadow in the back. Abyss tosses Knux' body back against the wall in front of Devon's feet and we see the shadow approach Devon from behind like a horror movie. Devon turns around and we see him and Abyss trade shots. Abyss sends Devon into the wall and gets down in his face and says he is taking the TV Title to the abyss.

- We see footage of the closing moments from Sunday's PPV. We see Sting's tweet about the message being received regarding him being left alone to fend to himself. Sting will be at the Impact Zone next week.

- Jeff Hardy is introduced for our main event. Bully Ray makes his entrance through the Aces 7 8's entrance. He is not happy.

Ladder Match: Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

The hammer hangs above the ring as Bully removes his chain and complains to Taz at ringside. Jeff Hardy flies over the top and onto Bully. The bell rings and Hardy unloads on Bully in the ring. Hardy hits a head scissors takedown and front dropkicks Bully to the floor and then flies off the apron with a clothesline. Tenay brings us an ill-timed update on future Impact dates and tickets. Hardy retrieves a ladder from under the ring although the giant one is at the entrance ramp. Bully gets the advantage on the floor as we go to commercial.

We're back to action with 9 minutes left until the top of the hour. Bully Ray is in control in the ring with the ladder in on the canvas. Bully hits a high back bodydrop as he keeps the high flier grounded. Bully drops the ladder onto Hardy's body and drops an elbow. Bully says he doesn't need a hammer as he beats Hardy with his fist. Hardy fights back up to his feet but Bully kicks him back down.

Bully mocks Hulk Hogan's mannerisms and says, "Hi, dad." Hardy connects with a DDT as both men lay on the mat. They both stagger up and trade shots back and forth. Hardy goes into a flurry. Hardy scales the ladder but Bully knocks him off. Hardy kicks the ladder into Bully's groin in the corner. Ouch.

The crowd chants, "No more babies." Hardy climbs the ladder but Bully pushes him off again. Bully screams, "Taz! My balls!"

Hardy resumes his flurry and hits a clothesline and goes back to setting up the ladder. Hardy goes up and Bully pushes him into the turnbuckle. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind and goes back up. Bully slowly gets up and yanks the ladder from under Hardy and he hits the canvas hard.

Bully sets up the ladder and drags Hardy into the corner and out of the way. Bully grabs the hammer. Bully climbs back down the ladder and sets it up in the corner but it falls. Bully waits to Hardy to get up and goes to strikes him in the head but Hardy kicks him in the gut and takes control of the hammer. Bully begs off in the corner and avoids a couple of swings by Hardy. Bully escapes up the ramp. Hardy starts to give chase but goes down with pain in his left butt cheek.

We cut to the back as Bully is in pain as he escapes and screams for his belt. Hulk appears from around the corner and goes to hit Bully with the hammer as Brooke runs in and yells, "No!" Bully turns around and all 3 just stare at each other, not sure what to say. Bully hobbles off like a wounded animal.

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