Bob Holly On Why He Ranted About Ted Dibiase's Departure, WWE's Double Standard With Top Stars

I recently interviewed former WWE Superstar Bob Holly, who discussed his new book, The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story (purchase at During the interview, which will be published in its entirety this week, Holly discussed ranting on his Twitter about Ted Dibiase's WWE departure. Holly had tweeted that Dibiase's departure was because of politics, and that the company repeatedly pushes wrestlers that can't get over instead of deserving talents.

"When you have a talent like this [Dibiase], you are so missing the boat on this guy because I worked this guy," Holly said. "They don't get no better than Ted DiBiase Jr. I'm sorry, it just doesn't happen. It's a shame, it really is.

"I just got tired of seeing WWE people, executives and stuff, saying 'hey, if you want to make it in WWE you have to show us you want it. You have to work hard. You have to not cause any problems within the company. You have to be able to cut good promos. You have to be able to work.' Let me tell you something. Ted DiBiase has every single tool it takes to be number one. That, to me, and I talk about it in my book, because why is he not on TV right now?"

Holly noted that there is a double standard with WWE bringing back bigger stars from injury right away, while lower-level talent stay sidelined.

"Let me tell you something, when they bring Sheamus back - because their excuse is they can't just throw him out there - but then when they bring Sheamus back, you watch and see if they don't put him in something when he comes back. It's like the other guys that get hurt, like Rey Mysterio. How many times does he get hurt a year? About 15 times a year and then he comes back and they throw him right out there and put him in a storyline. You can't sit there and tell me they don't have anything for this guy or they can't find anything for him."

The first part of our two part interview with Bob Holly will be posted on this site this Wednesday afternoon. You can purchase Holly's book, The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story, at by clicking here.


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