More On Davey Richards' Injury, Matt Hardy Ready "To Go Hard," New Episodes Of Chris Jericho's Show

- There's been some speculation among fans that Davey Richards' neck injury isn't legit and that he's backing out of the Pro Wrestling NOAH tour because of his tryout with WWE that's still going on. It's worth noting that during the match with Eddie Edwards vs. The Ascension at last week's NXT tapings, there was a scary spot when Viktor dropped Richards on his head and Richards was slow to get up. Richards seemed fine after the match and left the ring with no problem but this could be where the neck injury came from.

- Matt Hardy noted on Twitter that his body has healed "quite nicely" and is ready to go hard again. Hardy added that his knees are bad but credited DDP Yoga with helping his flexibility. Hardy posted this photo from a recent photoshoot:

- Below are the latest two episodes of But I'm Chris Jericho!:


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