Daniel Bryan Reveals Favorite 'Mania Moment, Bob Backlund Wants To Return To The Ring?

- As noted earlier, Daniel Bryan will be marrying Brie Bella today. The Boston Herald published an interview with Bryan yesterday, which appears to have been conducted before WrestleMania, and asked him about his favorite WrestleMania moment.

"My favorite WrestleMania memory is actually the first pay-per-view I ever ordered," Bryan said. "It was WrestleMania 12 and it was Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in an Iron Man Match. It was similar to what my situation is now. Shawn Michaels had a dream and that was the whole sell of the pay-per-view. This is a boyhood dream and they went over 60 minutes and Shawn Michaels won the WWE Championship. It's something that I'll never forget sitting there with my friends watching WrestleMania 12."

- Bob Backlund was signing autographs at RAW this past Monday night. As the crowd was leaving the show, Backlund left his autograph table and got up on top of a trash can and started thanking the fans for letting him have the job of his dreams and for making WWE as big as it is today. This was immediately met with "Thank you, Bob!" chants, which prompted Backlund to scream over the crowd and yell, "no thank you! For all of this!" He then went into a rant about how if people want to see him in the ring again, they must demand it, which was met with a "Mr. Backlund" chant. You can check out a photo of the incident below:

Joey Michael contributed to this article.


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