Pat Patterson Coming Out Media, Jim Ross' Advice For Brodus Clay, WWE Father's Day Sale

- Pat Patterson publicly came out of the closet on last night's episode of WWE Legends House. Patterson said that he's been living in the closet for 50 years, and that he had a partner for the last 40 years who passed away after suffering a heart attack. You can watch the clip above.

- TMZ has an article about Patterson coming out of the closet here.

- Through this Sunday night, has a Father's Day sale where you can buy one get one free on their entire stock of DVDs & Blu-Rays by clicking here. No promo code is needed, just use the link.

- Jim Ross offered this advice on his Twitter to Brodus Clay, who was one of eleven WWE talents released yesterday:

"@BrodusClay .... Hang in there...keep your jersey...stay in the that one man gang."

Johnny Montana and Future_of_the_WWE contributed to this article.


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