TNA And Davey Richards Reportedly Contacting ROH Talents, One Star Who Turned Them Down

The Wrestling Observer reports that TNA has contacted some Ring of Honor talents and one source says TNA went after several key ROH stars, who are all under contract, this past week. ROH is apparently trying to make sure there are no problems with their talent contracts.

Two talents that TNA apparently contacted are current ROH Tag Team Champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly, and it's said that TNA's Davey Richards is the middle man. Fish and O'Reilly are also signed to ROH contracts.

PWInsider adds that ROH's Jay Lethal was contacted and asked about working TNA's upcoming Destination X special on Spike TV. Lethal reportedly turned the offer down and told TNA that he's signed to ROH. They also note that several people in TNA are claiming that Richards contacting Fish and O'Reilly was something done "independently" and not on behalf of the company.

A TNA source said, "All conversations with talents start with, 'Are you under contract?' If the answer is Yes, we don't go any further, ever.' "

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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Damian Ayon contributed to this article.


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