Hardcore Holly Talks About Interacting With Fans, Meeting Booker, The Match With Lesnar, More

- In the videos above and below, Title Match Wrestling catches up with former WWE star Hardcore Holly at Booker T's recently Reality of Wrestling TV tapings.Booker also makes an appearance.

Holly says he first met Booker when Vince McMahon bought WCW. Holly says he was one of the first to welcome Booker to the locker room because others wouldn't speak to Booker until they got to know him. Holly praised ROW and said it's a great production that Booker is doing right.

He also talks about breaking his neck in the match against Brock Lesnar in 2002. Holly says the first thing he thought was that he had to finish the match and make Brock look good.

Holly also talks about his Spark Plug gimmick, WWF Brawl For All, WWE bringing back ECW and more. Holly said he enjoyed WWE's ECW because it gave guys TV time and fit his style. Holly closed by saying that his way of thanking fans for their support over the years is by answering all tweets on Twitter at @TheBobHolly.


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