Flashback Audio: Bob Holly Talks Brock Lesnar Breaking His Neck

Above is audio from an interview WrestlingINC.com conducted with Bob Holly regarding a variety of topics, including the 2002 incident in which Brock Lesnar inadvertently broke the veteran grappler's neck during a WWE match. We are posting interesting clips and stories from our interviews to our YouTube channel, so please take a moment to subscribe to our YouTube channel at youtube.com/WrestlingINC1.

Holly refuted the the Internet-based stories that had surfaced at the time suggesting that Lesnar had purposefully injured him due to a dispute about how they were going to work the match. The veteran grappler xplained that he appreciated lesnar's in-ring style and noted that they worked well together.

"I've always loved working with the guy because he's rough," Holly explained. "That's my style. I love it like that and I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't stand working with a guy that barely hits you and you can't even sell it because you don't know if you got hit or not. It's just stuff that people put out there and it's hard to believe unless you hear it from the horse's mouth. It's like in Brock's book. He never said one word about doing it on purpose or it was a messed up move or Bob tried to sandbag me and all this. He never said one word of it in his book or in any interviews. People got to really stop and think before they believe what they read."

Bob also touched on how the unfortunate situation unfolded, recalling Brock's reaction backstage following the match.

"[H]e was trying to hold me," said Holly. "We got in the back and he was like, 'Bob, I was trying to hold you up.' He had the flu anyway and he was like, 'I was trying to hold ya.' I was trying to reach for the back of his head. It just happened. It was an accident. The guy just got there. He hadn't been there very long, so it's not like he's going to start dumping people on their head and hurting people. He doesn't want to end up losing his job. There was no heat there whatsoever. He called me after I had my surgery and everything, called me, checked on me, and stuff like that. We've always had a great relationship. It's just people that decide, 'Let me write a blog. Brock did it on purpose because Bob tried to sandbag him,' and then see how far that goes. It just spread like wildfires. It's people that weren't there. They don't know."

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