Since debuting with TNA in early 2014, Davey Richards and his partner Eddie Edwards have taken the tag team scene by storm as members of the Wolves. They've met a great deal of success, becoming three-time tag team champions. That success met a bump in the road earlier this year, when Edwards sustained an injury that looked to sideline him for months. The Wolves were forced to vacate the titles, but Edwards fortunately healed up quickly. In part one of our exclusive interview with Richards he elaborates on the injury, having to vacate the titles, and a lot more.

* * *

You and Eddie had to vacate the titles, and he was on TV shortly after, how was that discussed, and was it frustrating?

"Well it was actually a really bad break, so the first medical opinion we got was that he was going to have surgery, he was going to be on the shelf for quite a bit. It wasn't until we went and got a second opinion that we realized that he didn't need surgery and he'd be back a lot sooner. It was one of those things where TNA was really respectful and wanted to take care of the performer. Safety comes first, right? It was a better safe than sorry situation, and they didn't want to rush Eddie back into the ring, but obviously it worked out well because we're in a phenomenal best of 5 series with the Dirty Heels."

You mentioned that best of five series with the Dirty Heels. Both teams gel really well, and it seems like all four of you gel together. What's that like?

"All four of us are cut from the same cloth. We get down to bare bones wrestling. We like to get in there and do it. We all think we're the best and want to prove that individually, there's a competitive fire that brings the best out of everyone. I think that competitiveness manifests itself in the ring."

This Wednesday on Impact, you and Eddie Edwards are going to address the recent actions of the Dirty Heels. What are you expecting out of Wednesday?

"We have something special in mind. A little trick we picked up from our days wrestling Team 3D and the Hardy Boyz. Angelina calls it a little ditty. We've got a surprise for them. We're definitely going to like it. They're probably not going to like it, but it's going to be fun."

TNA Slammiversary is coming up, do you have any big plans for that show? Maybe the fifth match in this series if it goes that far?

"Yeah, I don't want to spill the beans yet, but we're going to do something that hasn't been done for a very long time in professional wrestling. It takes a very unique group of guys to do, and they gave us the green light to go ahead and do. I think it's going to be something we're all remembered for, and it's something really special, and people will talk about it for a very long time and I'm excited about it."

It's the Kennel From Hell match, isn't it?

"See, you read my mind. (Laughs).

You've already held the tag titles in TNA three times. Is the long term plan for you to remain a tag team?

"I'll always first and foremost be a member of the Wolves, and me and Eddie are always brothers in the ring, but I'll be world champion one day. I didn't come to TNA to limit myself, I'm winning a world title. I might win the Knockouts title, I don't know."

I'm sure Angelina going to be thrilled to hear that. She'll have to defend the title around the house.

"Whatever it takes!"

Are there any tag teams, not necessarily with the company that you two would like to work with?

"Outside of the company I'd really like to face Ohio Is For Killers Jay and Dave Crist, I think they're great. Really anyone. I think we just got started with Beer Money, and that was awesome. TNA has given us great opponents and it doesn't seem like that will be changing any time soon, so I'm really excited."

Do you see this feud branching out individually to keep it going?

"If I have my way we will, because I'm always down to wrestle anyone, anytime. I love catch wrestling, I love all wrestling, so I'd love to do that."

Where can fans follow you on social media?

"You can follow me on Twitter @RichardsWesley, Facebook is just Wesley Richards. I may have the greatest Twitter pic in the history of mankind, it's an edited version of me and Angelina holding a cat. She has a damn cat that I hate."