Current NWA Tag Team Champion Lance Hoyt has been around the block. He's performed for TNA, WWE, ROH, NJPW, NOAH, NWA and now, Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling. I had the opportunity to speak with Hoyt recently about his decision to sign with GFW, and working with Jeff Jarrett again.

I asked Hoyt, who has been in the employ of a wide variety of bosses in his wrestling career, how he would compare Vince McMahon and Jeff Jarrett as businessmen.

"Vince has done a huge job with his company, and Jeff has been on top of the world of professional wrestling for a long time. Jeff is a visionary with a brand new company, and is taking that step again and trying to capture the people's attention on a different basis by partnering up with a bunch of different companies instead of just trying to create a company that has a certain set of guys," said Hoyt.

Hoyt will be joining his Killer Elite Squad tag team partner Davey Boy Smith Jr, who found success in WWE as a tag team champion under the name of DH Smith. The two are set for Global Force Wrestling dates this month. Hoyt thinks the concept of bringing an eclectic group of talent together will help Jarrett and GFW separate themselves.

"Global Force is creating a product that has people from independents, and guys who people know are good in their area, and they'll take on guys from around the world in New Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia. There are so many avenues that good people can come from, it's a new concept in its own. You're not just yourself, you're representing your company inside GFW. Jeff is a true visionary, trying to create a new pro wrestling product that is enticing to the fan base," he said.

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Hoyt thinks that although they have different levels of success and product models, Jarrett and McMahon share the same mentality.

"That's the separation. Vince has been focused on WWE since his father owned it. Jeff has been a part of wrestling more as a talent, then the times they took over things, then created his own things with TNA and GFW. It's the same evil genius mentality," said Hoyt.

We'll have part one of our interview with Lance Hoyt this week, where he talks his current run in Japan, his WWE release, his time with TNA, and much more.