Molly Holly Reveals How Long It Took To Film Table For 3, WWE Asking Her To Record It, Hall Of Fame

Molly Holly recently resurfaced with the WWE, filming an episode of "Table for 3" for the WWE Network. She appeared on Another Wrestling Podcast recently to discuss the filming, as well as what she's doing now. You can see highlights below, and the full podcast above.

What she's doing now:

"I've been working at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. It's an alcohol and drug addiction recovery center. Occasionally someone will say that they played as my character on the video game. That's kind of fun."

Her episode of Table For 3:

When Macho Man Randy Savage was being inducted into the Hall of Fame, they invited me to be in the crowd, because I was a part of his entourage with Madusa. They asked me if I wanted to do Table for 3. I didn't know much about it, they just told me I sit down with Madusa and Ivory and get served a gourmet meal. It sounded pretty good for me. We filmed for three hours!"

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If she thinks she'll be in the Hall of Fame:

"There are a lot of people I'd like to see in there before me, if I even get in. I always viewed myself as a glorified enhancement talent, someone they'd give the title to to put over the real stars. I don't see myself as a future Hall of Famer, of course if they asked me to, I'd love to, I wouldn't turn it down, but there are some other ladies who should be in there long before I am."

You can check out the full interview with Molly Holly above.


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