News On TNA Star Making Very Tough Decision, Mascarita Sagrada Vs. Cage On Lucha Underground (Video)

- On this week's episode of Lucha Underground, Sexy Star battles Mariposa for an Aztec Medallion in a "No Mas" match. Also on the show, Catrina confronts Dario Cueto, while Cage clashes with Mascarita Sagrada, as seen in the video above. Just a reminder that if the El Rey Network is not available in your area, you can watch it live online at fuboTV, which allows fans to stream the El Rey Network and also watch their favorite clubs, players, and leagues online, with live sport games streaming to all their favorite devices. You can sign up for fuboTV by clicking here.

- On Monday morning, former TNA World Tag Team Champion Davey Richards revealed that he had a very hard day ahead of him, and that Eddie Edwards supported his decision. He later revealed that the decision was... to have his dog neutered. You can check out his tweets below:


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