Pat Patterson On Talents Who Say He Didn't Hire Them Because They Weren't Gay, More Ryback Photos

- Newsweek has published an excerpt on WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson discovering The Rock from Patterson's "Accepted: How the First Gay Superstar Changed WWE" book, which comes out in August, at this link. Below is part of what Patterson wrote about anyone who ever said Patterson didn't hire them because they weren't gay:

There are very good wrestlers who are never going to be the performer that Vince sees as the guy. The reality is: you have to convince the director of the movie that you're right for the part. Some guys are just not good enough for WWE. It's hard to meet with so many aspiring Superstars without letting down a few people along the way. I always liked to help the new guys. But I'm never personally on a mission, because if Vince doesn't hire them, there's not much I can do.

Over the years, I've just ignored all casting-couch innuendo made toward me and my work at WWE. I was smarter than that. It still hurts, but there was really no way for me to defend myself. I became the disappointed wannabe wrestler's ultimate excuse for why they weren't offered a contract. And that's just silly. People who were unhappy used the fact that I am gay to get back at WWE. To all the people who have ever said they weren't hired because they were not gay, I can only say, "Guys, I'm sorry. You were just not good enough."

- We noted before that Ryback, who is currently out of action due to a WWE contract dispute, underwent surgery on his ear last week. He will be having nose and throat related surgeries over the next 2 weeks and appeared to be in very good, wacky spirits after the nose surgery on Thursday. We noted that he took a shot at CM Punk in one of his posts, below are some more photos:

2 surgeries 2 wks #PregameTime #FeedMeMore

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Just woke up #WakeUpIt'sBreathingTime. I feel like a way cooler much more jacked Miz

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New profile pic. Been hearing sympathy is the way to go with the ladies.

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