Kevin Owens Talks Being Bothered By Not Headlining A WWE PPV, Michael Cole Being Moved On RAW, More

As noted, Kevin Owens took part in a conference call last week with international media. Planeta Wrestling was on the call and passed along the questions they asked in the video above, below are highlights that haven't yet been covered here:

* When asked if his immediate goal was to face Sami Zayn or win the WWE Universal Championship, Owens said that he doesn't think that way, although he "of course" would like to win the WWE Universal Championship. He said he's sure he'll be in the same ring as Sami, but his immediate goal at all times is to make everything he does be as memorable as possible. He never planned on being Intercontinental Champion after just a few months with the company - although he always wanted to - but said that's just the way it happened.

* Owens was asked if he was ready to headline a pay-per-view. Owens said that he is and that it bothers him that he hasn't yet headlined a pay-per-view, and he plans on doing that this year.

* Owens was asked about Michael Cole and the announcers table being moved to the top of the stage on RAW. Owens said he'll "just have to yell louder."


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