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- Welcome tonight's CWC! We start off with the unveiling of the CWC Trophy, made by the guys of Orange County Choppers. We then take a look at last week's episodes that saw Akira Tozawa, Noam Dar, and Brian Kendrick advance.

- We get video packages of our first competitors and head to the ring for their match.

Rich Swann vs. Lince Dorado

Expect a fun and fast-paced match in this one. The crowd incorporating Swann's old "All Night Long" theme with the new "Can You Handle This?" theme in a nicely done remix. High flying reversals from both men out of the gate. Lince Dorado blocks the lock ups and does a little dance of his own. Beautiful springboard cross body to the outside from Dorado to Swann and goes for the cover for a two count. Hangman's neck breaker from Swann off making Dorado miss a corner attack. Swann applies a unique submission but Dorado powers out with knees. Dorado with a pin combo for a two. The two trade stiff forearms and chops. Frankensteiner goes array but they recover nicely and hit dueling scissors kicks. They recover in the middle of the ring and go blow for blow once again and each tires out. Big knee lift and flying cross body from Dorado and gets a two count. These two "dance partners" working well with each other. German suplex blocked by Swann and reverses it into a DDT. Swann goes for the standing 450 but Dorado gets the knees up. They reverse each other's power moves and Dorado nails a reverse jumping hurricanrana. Dorado goes for a Shooting Star Press and nobody home! Swann up top and hits a huge Phoenix Splash for the three and he moves on to the next round. Great opener.

Winner via Pinfall: Rich Swann

- Backstage with Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. As Gargano gets taped up, he says he's heard the rumblings of him being one of the favorites. It doesn't matter if he's a little banged up, he wants to win and get one step closer to becoming CWC Champion.

- We head straight into the video packages for the next match.

Drew Gulak vs. Zack Sabre, Jr.

Gulak turns a handshake into a slap and we finally have a pretty clear heel/face match-up in the CWC. Sabre leaning on his technical mastery early on with a straight jacket hold and never letting go as he goes into a variety of other submissions. Gulak sneaks out of a submission and leads to a springboard kick and another by Gulak. Northern Lights Suplex from Gulak after a big chop to break him down. Gulak showing some power and rotates some strikes into his arsenal of submissions. Sabre transitions into a Fujiwara Arm Bar with a double wrist lock in hand. Gulak lifts Sabre up and applies several torture style holds and heads into a Boston Crab. Sabre reverses for a pin attempt and a two. Sabre applies another flexible submission but countered by Gulak into a Ankle Lock. Both guys counters are very smooth and unique. Sabre goes from the electric chair into a body triangle combo with a kimura. Gulak has enough of it and tosses the leaner Sabre into the ropes. Penalty kick from Sabre and a cover for a two. A less technical "football" move from the Brit. Both men whaling away with open palm strikes and Sabre's eyes get a bit glossy. Gulak applies a Dragon Sleeper but Sabre counters into a bridge pin for the surprise THREE! Zack Sabre, Jr. Advances to the quarterfinals.

Winner via Pinfall: Zack Sabre, Jr.

- What I love about the CWC? Less talk, more action! Let's head straight back to the ring for tonight's main event!

Johnny Gargano vs. T.J. Perkins

Friendly handshake gets us started. TJP takes control early but a monkey flip from Gargano reverses the pressure. TJP applies a Muta Lock. Ref has to break up the snug hold. Irish whip reversed and TJP catches himself in the ropes. Gargano not a fan of the showboating and proceeds to drop kick him to the outside. Gargano quickly compounds the kick with a suicide dive that connects on mat below. Back in the ring and TJP teaching a class in mat based submissions including a surfboard. Each man reverses the other and culminates with a head scissors takeover by Perkins. Gargano with a roll-through kick and hits his diving spear through the ropes. No cover is made, but Gargano gets Perkins in the corner and lands some loud knife edged chops. Kicking combo leads to both men down for a double pin and both kick out at two. TJP goes for a springboard kick but is met with a kick to the face by Gargano. Johnny Wrestling goes for a cannon ball outside and his own leg hits the bell table outside. Gargano gets pumped up and puts Perkins back in the ring. He gets caught by Perkins with a tossed head kick to the head for a two count. Gargano now with southpaw shots to no avail. Awesome wrecking ball drop kick from Perkins that takes out Gargano momentarily. Johnny Wrestling really selling the knee injury now as he can't make it across the ring. Hangman's neck breaker by Perkins. Gargano up again and lawn darts TJP right into the turnbuckle. Cover for a two! Super kicks galore. Perkins rolls through a power bomb and applies a knee bar. Gargano inching toward the ropes, but has to tap! Perkins advances into the "elite eight."

Winner via Submission: T.J. Perkins

- The two shake hands as Gargano gets his knee checked at ringside. We take a look at the "great eight" and head off the air. Thanks for joining us for tonight's CWC. See you next week!