WWE NXT Results (8/24): Full NXT Takeover Recap, Tye Dillinger Vs. Wesley Blake, Tag Team Action

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- We kickoff tonight's NXT with a look back at Saturday's NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II backed by the various theme songs for the show. The show was solid from top to bottom in my opinion and it seemed like you all enjoyed it as I was live-tweeting as well. From debuts, classic matches, to amazing entrances, Takeover delivered once again.

- This show was taped in Brooklyn and the capacity crowd pops YUGE (per Vince Russo) for Tye Dillenger. Time for our first match-up of the evening.

Tye Dillinger vs. Wesley Blake

Blake out with his new piano rock theme to a chorus of boo's and indifference. As soon as the music cuts, the crowd straight back into a deafening "TEN" chant and says "Blake's a ZERO." Arm drag take down from Blake to re-establish a bit of heat. Dillinger backs Blake into the corner but Blake reverses and cinches in a side headlock much to the crowd's chagrin. Dillinger with a take down and a cartwheel for good measure. Dillinger making like an Atlanta Brave and chopping Blake in the corner, but Blake able to get a thumb to the eye to even the odds. We head to break.

We're back to a big clothesline from Blake. Rear chin lock applied to wear down the "perfect 10." Dillinger powers out with elbows to the midsection. Dillinger rolls Blake up for a quick two. Blake hits a nice back stabber as Dillinger was wrapped up in the ropes. Power slam attempt gets Tye down as Blake heads to the top. Blake misses off the ropes but lands on his feet. Dillinger gets control with a hip toss into the corner and stomps a mud hole into the former tag champ. Dillinger removes the knee pad and hits the "Tye Breaker" for the three and the win. Dillinger remains to be ridiculously over in NXT.

Winner via Pinfall: Tye Dillinger

- We take a look back at Bobby Roode vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas from Takeover. There's only one word to describe Roode's entrance. I'll let you figure that out. Great showing from Almas and Roode got the win in his NXT in-ring debut. We go backstage with for an interview after the match. Roode says Almas is good, but isn't glorious and that he will take NXT to the next level as he heads for a dinner date with his esteemed friends.

- TM61 will take on the Authors of Pain later tonight.

- Flashback to Brooklyn as we take a look at Aries vs. Jose. I really thought it was a fun opener that showcased both guys. Aries interview after the match and says others keep taking away his shine and Itami is no different. Aries vows to end Itami's career.

- Another look back to Brooklyn with an awesome video package showcasing the Bayley/Asuka match from start to finish with some neat backstage looks and unique camera angles. Another fun, hard hitting, and emotional match that saw the NXT Women's Champ Asuka retain. Must be dusty in here, my eyes are watering for some reason. Interview with Bayley after the match and said she thought she may have had home court advantage in Brooklyn. Said she prepared for defending the Asuka lock, but didn't end the way she wanted. Ember Moon hops in and says Bayley is the reason she's here. Bayley congratulates the debuting Moon on her win and she sees big things in her future. We then get video of Bayley's debut on RAW Monday night.

- Look back at what I thought was the best match of the night, Gargano/Ciampa (DIY now?) vs. The Revival. Backstage with Revival. Dash says they are always right and they have proven they are the best tag team in NXT and Sports Entertainment-wide. They say there's no one left to challenge them, clink their titles, and the "top guys" are out.

- More coverage of Takeover, this time the main event of Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe. If Nakamura's entrance didn't give you chills, you should probably not be a wrestling fan. The crowd wasn't quite sure what to think of most of this match as it was worked at a slower, more Japanese style and pace. Still a really good match overall that told a story, hit hard, and broke Joe's jaw from a story line sense. At the end of the night, we had a NEW NXT Champion in Shinsuke Nakamura. Both NXT major singles champs are Japanese, which pins NXT as a truly global brand. We will hear from the new champ next week on NXT.

- Backstage look at Paul Ellering giving a pep talk to his new destroyers, The Authors of Pain.

- Another "sanity" vignette for an upcoming NXT superstar.

- We head back to the Barclay's Center for tag team action.

TM61 vs. Authors of Pain

TM61 come out to what seems like new theme music and a nice pop. AOP enters in covered skull masks to go with their killer instinct and mentality. TM61 actually gets the best of AOP upon entering the ring before the bell. The match gets underway and AOP re-assumes their dominance. Quick escape and tag to Miller to Thorne and hits a flying leg lariat. TM61 offense doesn't last wrong as Thorn gets thrown head-first into the ring post. AOP firmly in control as we head to break.

Back from commercial and Rezer of AOP still in control. Thorne powers out of a power bomb and hits a kick to escape and tags Nick Miller. Miller with big strikes that finally takes the big man down. Miller to the top and hits a cross body for a two count. That may be the first two count they've been down for. Leg sweep and clothes line combo leads to another two count. Thorne tripped up which allows AOP to hit a spine buster on Miller. Thorne breaks up the cover. AOP with double power bombs on TM61. AOP hits their double-team finisher for the win. These guys could be something, but still may take a while. The other member is named Akam.

Winners via Pinfall: Authors of Pain

- Authors of Pain celebrates in the ring with Paul Ellering as we go off the air.

Thanks for joining us for tonight's NXT. See you all next week!


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