Ring Of Honor All Star Extravaganza PPV Results (9/30): Title Change, Adam Cole Vs. Michael Elgin



The show starts with a video featuring all the top wrestlers on The ROH roster. They all comment on how they have all become All Stars.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino welcome the audience to tonight's ppv. They hype tonight's lineup and go to the ring for the opening match.


Dijak arrives to the ring with Nana and gets a very strong reaction from The Lowell crowd. He hails from Worcester Mass. A video package is shown highlighting how Dijak became the #1 contender for The TV championship. Both men are introduced. The tale of the tape illustrates the size difference between the two. Dijak being 6'7 and Fish listed as 5'11. The key stat being experience. Fish has 13 years of it while Dijak has just 3.

Both men do the customary ROH code of honor handshake. Fish jokingly climbs to the second rope and shakes Dijak's hand so that they can look at each other eye to eye. Feeling out process early on between Dijak and Fish. Dijak gets the early edge and Fish takes a powder and heads outside to regroup. Back inside the ring, Dijak tries to use his power advantage but Fish outsmarts him and applies a rear choke on the apron. After a brief exchange in the corner. Dijak hits a big boot that gets a great response from the crowd. Donovan covers Fish and gets a 2 count. He then proceeds to stomp on Bobby Fish in the corner. He then slings Bobby across the ring with a suplex. Dijak in command. Applies a chinlock on Fish. Fish tries to fight out of it. He gets out by using knee strikes but then gets with a hard right by Dijak. Fish catches Dijak with a flying elbow off the ropes. Fish then hits an exploder suplex on Dijak into the corner. That leads to a 2 count. Fish then starts targeting Dijak's right knee. He applies a knee bar on Dijak but Donovan counters into a pin fall attempt. Using his length and leverage. After a brief exchange in the middle of the ring. We get a false finish as Dijak hits his finisher "Feast Your Eyes" on Fish but Bobby lands near the ropes and manages to put his foot on the bottom rope at the last second to break up the 3 count. Dijak goes for an impressive moonsault off the top rope but he misses.

Both men start trading blows in the center of the ring. Fish gets Dijak in a knee bar submission. Again, Dijak's length comes into play and thanks to help from Prince Nana. Dijak is able to get to the ropes and break the submission hold. Dijak gets Fish up in the air for a backbreaker but Fish counters and puts Dijak in a rear naked choke and Dijak is forced to tap out.


Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are seated in a broadcast area away from the ring. I'm sure for their safety with the Ladder War match coming up later. Normally, Kelly and Corino are situated at ringside. Kelly and Corino recap Bobby Fish's successful title defense. Commenting how he came into hostile territory and won the match. They then transition to this next match.



Steve Corino says on commentary that he loves the fact that Colt Cabana's ring introductions include his actual street address where he lives. Hard not to get upstaged here by Dalton Castle and his extravagant entrance. Caprice Coleman gets on the mic after some technical difficulties. He announces that The Cabinet are going to protest The Code of Honor. Rhett Titus and Kenny King go all Colin Kapernick on their opponents by taking a knee in the middle of the ring prior to the code of honor handshake.
Coleman also announces that he has letter from The U.S. Senate that states, that if The Cabinet is not allowed to do their peaceful protest. Their opponents will be automatically disqualified.

Caprice Coleman joins Kelly and Corino at the broadcast table. Corino goes through the history of Lowell Mass with Caprice Coleman. The place where Bette Davis was born and this is the arena where Shawn Michaels lost his smile in 1997 on RAW. Colt Cabana and Dalton Castle start off the match doing some fancy teamwork and posing together. Great symmetry between the two. Hard to keep track in this one.... A lot of tagging in and out. Referee out of position for a Cabana pin attempt on Shane Taylor. Eventually Cabana and Castle are both tagged into the match and forced to face each other. After a pretty bridge by Castle where he lays on the mat. Cabana goes to pin him to get the win for their team and their opponents wisely come in and break it up.

The War Machine and Shane Taylor & Keith Lee start brawling on the outside. Inside the ring, The Cabinet deposits Cabana outside the ring. Cabana dropkicks the men on the outside of the ring. Kenny King and Rhett Titus then go to work on Dalton Castle. Titus hits a frog splash on Castle for a 2 count. Rhett Titus goes for the one night stand on Castle but in comes Shane Taylor. Taylor clotheslines and flips him over with it. In comes, Ray Rowe who hits an impressive T-bone suplex on Taylor. Now Lee and Hanson are in. Lee hits a Death Valley Driver on Hanson. Castle in with Keith Lee and hits a great german suplex on him. King is in, attacks Castle and catapults himself onto the wrestlers at ringside. Then The 400 pound Keith Lee does an over the top rope dive on every wrestler on the ringside floor. Hanson is next. He dives on top of everybody. This prompts an ROH chant from the crowd. Titus and Castle in the ring. Dalton Castle hits the bang-a-rang on Titus to get the victory for his team.


Nigel McGuinness joins Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino on commentary. Kelly asks Nigel if he has any regrets about booking tonight's ladder war match. Nigel admits that he has some worries but looks forward to the match later tonight.


Both these young wrestlers have history with each other. Both working in CMLL together. Dragon Lee is only 21 years old. He is the CMLL Lightweight champion. Debuted in 2014. Lee won The Wrestling Observer rookie of the year award in that very year. Some mat wrestling early on. Then both men countering each others holds. Fast paced for sure. It ends up with Dragon Lee doing a suicide dive on Kamaitachi. He favors his knee when he lands. Back in the ring, Kamaitachi jumps over Lee on the apron and power bombs him to the floor. He picks up Lee off the ringside mat and power bombs him again on the floor. Kamaitachi amps up the aggressiveness in this match. Great sequence where Kamaitachi runs into the crowd and then sprints over the barricade and drop kicks Dragon Lee on the floor.

Back in the ring, Dragon Lee rallies. Sends Kamiatachi to the outside and then leaps over the top rope onto him. Dragon then ties up Kamaitachi to the tree of woe but on the outside of the ring. Dragon Lee hits a beautiful double foot stomp on Kamaitachi. What a match so far.... Drago hits a variation of a suplex sit out driver for a near fall. They then battle to the top rope. Kamaitachi is in the tree of woe on the inside of the ring but this time, Lee misses with the foot stomp. Kamiatachi then sends Lee to the outside and does a super senton from the top rope onto Lee. Both guys reeling after that fall.

The ref begins counting to 20. They both make it in at 19 to break the count. They start trading blows in the ring. Pace picks up immensely. Several roll throughs and pin attempts. They suplex one another. They end up battling back to the top rope. Kamaitachi hits a reverse inverted hurancanrana that leads to a close fall. They then both trade snap suplexes. Both men are reeling at this point. Took some bad landings on those snap suplexes. Dragon Lee applies a double arm bar submission. Kamaitachi is able to get to the ropes and break the hold. Kamaitachi is on the apron. Dragon Lee does a running hurancanrana off of the apron and straight to the floor. Fans start chanting "Fight forever". Back in the ring, Lee hits two straight northern lights suplexes on Kamaitachi and then for the trifecta. Lee hits a variation of the brainbuster that suprisingly only generates a 2 count. Lee whips Kamiatachi into the ropes, Kamaitachi counters Lee and hits a great looking destroyer in mid air for a near fall.... Very innovative offense. Lee and Kamaitachi back to the top rope. Lee hits a double foot stomp and then attempts a power bomb. Kamaitachi reverses and hits a power bomb of his own. Unreal, The delay in covering Lee leads to a 2 count for Kamaitachi. Corino comments that killing the opponent may be an option in order for a victory to take place.

Hard strikes in the center of the ring. Lee tries to and hits an awkward looking Phoenix plex on Kamaitachi and pins him. Very good match faltered by it's finish but Dragon Lee has a bright future ahead of him. If he can stay healthy, that is. He looks the part and plays it well.


The commentary team put over the previous match and talk about the future of CMLL and their involvement with ROH.


Some chain wrestling to start. Good change of pace after the last match. Action picks up when Kyle O'Reilly dangerously hits the edge of the apron with his neck when Page gives him a neckbreaker. The broadcast team sells the story that Page is in a position here to injure O'Reilly for Adam Cole. Page targets O'Reilly's neck and beats and controls the match for the next few minutes. O'Reilly fights back by using a flurry of kicks and strikes to take down Page. Kyle locks in a leg bar submission on Page but Hangman gets out of it by reversing and heading to the ropes. Both men battle to the apron. They start trading blows on the apron. They stare at each other while delivering blows. Page takes O'Reilly's mouth guard out of his mouth and then strikes him to the arena floor with a sharp blow. Page then does a running shoot star press off of the apron and onto O'Reilly.

Back in the ring. Both men struggling. Page hits a springing lariat on Kyle for a 2 count. O'Reilly fights back with some sharp knees and Page is bleeding from his mouth. Kyle gets Page in an arm bar submission. O'Reilly struggles to lock it in. Page tries to battle out but eventually gets caught in it and taps quickly.


Post match, Page attacks Kyle and throws him shoulder first into the barricade. Page then wraps O'Reilly's shoulder in a steel chair. Bobby Fish comes out to save his partner but he is a bit late as Page throws O'Reilly into the ring post. Page runs off and says at ringside that he just did what he had to do. Steve Corino speculates if Page tapped out quickly in his match, so that he would be able to complete the mission, Adam Cole presumably set for him.

Kevin Kelly goes over to The ROH stage and interviews The "Last Real Man" Silas Young. Silas says that he is supposed to be in the 6 man title tourney but needs to find a 3rd partner. Silas then goes over his history in ROH and how his main goal is to be ROH world champion. Young says he has earned a world title shot by winning a 25 man Honor Rumble. Silas says that on October 22nd in Lakeland Florida, He is going to walk into Final Battle as Ring of Honor World Champion.


Kushida replaced Lio Rush in the match. A replacement courtesy of Alex Shelley, who has become a mentor to the young wrestlers in ROH. Nice showcase early on for the newly named "Super" ACH. He does some showboating early on showing off his athleticism. A brief comedy exchange follows between Kushida and Toru Yano. We then go to Jay Briscoe and Jay White. The two have had a heated rivalry on ROH TV the last month. The superstar ROH mainstay in Jay testing the young star in White.

5 of the 6 competitors in this match start fighting one another. The action goes to the outside. While, this is happening. The trickster himself, Toru Yano gets a pair of plyers and undoes the top turnbuckle in his corner. He then uses the ref to his advantage and hits Jay White with the turnbuckle pad. Yano whips White into the exposed turnbuckle. Goes for it a second time but White reverses and Yano goes into it instead. Kushida is in and flying around. He hits a flurry of aerial moves and gets a Kushida chant from the crowd. He gets an arm bar on Yano. Who barely gets to the ropes. Yano manages to get out of the ring. In comes, Mark Briscoe and he turns the tide for his team. The Briscoes team up on Kushida for awhile. He eventually battles back and gets to his corner. Tags in ACH. ACH comes in hot, does a leaping springboard tope onto Mark Briscoe on the outside. Back in the ring, ACH tags in Jay White. Both ACH and Jay White start doing tandem holds on The Briscoes. This leads to a 2 count that is broken up by Yano.

The Briscoes start to re-take control. Mark hits a Urinagi on White. Jay Briscoe hits a neck breaker on Jay White. ACH and Kushida come in to save Jay White but Jay Briscoe fights them off. Mark Briscoe hits a froggie bow on Jay White for a close count. It's 3 on 1 now in the ring. Yano sprinboards Jay White into The Briscoes who super kick him. As Yano goes to cover Jay White. ACH and Kushida dive in at the last second to break up the count. Frantic finish... Jay White throws Mark Briscoe out of the ring and DDT's Jay Briscoe. Toru Yano tries to sneak up from behind White but Kushida intercepts. Yano counters and throws Kushida into Jay White. Does a roll up pin attempt for a near fall. White drop kicks Yano and tags in Kushida. Kushida goes to the top rope with Yano laying on the mat. ACH tags himself in. Kushida back flips off the top rope and onto The Briscoes at ringside. "Super" ACH hits The midnight star 450 splash on Yano for the victory.


Both teams show respect to each other after the match. A graphic is shown on screen of the actual tournament bracket. The other first round matches in the future probably taking place at the tapings are listed as:

Kincaid, LSG & Ali vs The Cabinet (Winner faces White, ACH and Kushida)
The Addiction & Kamaitachi vs Team CMLL
The Kingdom vs The Bullet Club

So it's an 8 team tournament. Which is now just 7 by virtue of this last result.


Two of the best wrestlers in the world. Who both had amazing 2016's so far. Last sunday, Naito defeated Michael Elgin to become The IWGP Intercontinental Champion. Naito makes his entrance here with his cohort Evil. As Bobby Crews is announcing Jay Lethal. Naito kicks Bobby in the gut and Lethal races into the ring to go after Naito. Evenly contested match early on after Lethal's offensive flurry to start. The crowd has dueling chants for Lethal and Naito going.

They both seem to be working at a much quicker pace than usual. Naito starts resorting to heel tactics to get the advantage in this match. He chokes out Lethal with his shirt and toys with the referee. Naito's cockiness backfires, He gets caught in "Lethal Combination" by Jay for a near fall. Naito and Lethal go toe to toe in the ring trading blows. For some inexplicable reason, Steve Corino is talking about his personal life during this match. Lethal hits 2 straight belly to back suplexes on Naito. Tetsuya tries to break free but gets hit with a 3rd suplex. Lethal climbs to the top rope and hits his Randy Savage tribute elbow drop. "Hail to the King" on Naito for a near fall. Lethal sets up for The Lethal Injection but Naito gets back on his feet and counters it. Naito then hits a missile dropkick. He follows that with a huracanrana for a 2 count. Naito then hits a pump handle side suplex on Lethal. Naito then hits a wicked spinebuster and then transitions into his finisher, The Destino. Lethal counters and reverses it into a cutter. Lethal goes for Lethal injection, Naito moves out the way but gets caught with a spinning heel kick by Lethal.

Both men struggle to their feet. Lethal hits some hard strikes on Naito. Then strikes Evil who was lurking too close to the apron. Lethal turns and gets hit by an inverted atomic drop by Naito. Tetsuya rolls up Jay for a 2 count. Lethal goes for The Lethal Injection yet again when he springs off the ropes. Naito blocks it, Lethal counters and hits a suplex and then transitions into a cross face submission. Evil pulls the ref out of the ring and takes him out. He runs into the ring and starts stomping on Jay Lethal. Evil and Naito double team Lethal while the ref is out on the ringside floor. Lethal fights back. He gets Evil out of the ring and then hits a 2nd rope Lethal Injection on Naito. The referee crawls back in the ring slowly and Naito kicks out at 2 and 3 quarters. Lethal goes to the top rope with Naito and attempts a cutter off the top, Naito counters and goes for a power bomb. Lethal counters that into a huracanrana and then hits The Lethal Injection for the victory.


The show is now going to The ROH World Title match before Ladder War 6. An Adam Cole promo airs where he chronicles his history in ROH with Michael Elgin.


Cole's first world title defense doesn't go on last. You could argue this one. It's not the first time a world championship match has received second billing. We will see by show's end if there is a direct booking reason for this. The fans start a brief Adam Cole chant to start this one off.

Elgin attempts to use his power advantage early but Cole is able to counter it early on and hits The Last Shot. Adam Cole continues to out maneuver Elgin in the early part of this match. Elgin tries to superplex Cole but Adam counters and takes out Elgin's left knee and then targets it for the next few minutes. Elgin eventually battles back and hits a german suplex on Cole. As he accomplishes this move, Elgin continues to favor his left knee. He charges at Cole in the corner and his knee buckles. Unable to hit Cole full force. Elgin then hits an enzuiguri and a falcon arrow on Cole for a near fall. Continued selling by Elgin as the battle continues.

Big Mike hits a german suplex on Cole and throws into the corner. Elgin then tries to go to the top rope. Cole rises and knocks him down and then puts Elgin into a figure 4 leglock. Elgin breaks the hold by getting to the ropes. Adam Cole then tries to go to the top rope himself, Elgin gives him a back drop off of it. Big Mike then starts clubbing away on Cole. Elgin hits a sunset flip power bomb on Cole for a close fall. Elgin then buckle bombs Cole into the corner. Elgin goes for power bomb again but this time, Cole counters by hitting a reverse rana on Elgin. Cole comes off the ropes and hits a destroyer on Elgin for a near fall. Cole then hits 2 straight superkicks on Elgin, goes for a 3rd but gets clotheslined out of his boots by Elgin. Elgin attempts to lift Cole up but Adam counters and manages to lift Elgin up and hit The Last Shot for a close fall. Cole then slaps on the figure four on Elgin targeting his injured knee. Elgin breaks free eventually and fires up and as he is about to strike Cole. Adam pulls the ref in front of him. This bides Cole some extra time and he uses it to hit Elgin with a shining wizard. He then follows that up with a running knee to the back of Elgin's head. Cole hits his finisher The Last Shot and wins this match.


A video package airs showing the history of Ladder War in ROH.

Just some quick history on ROH's Ladder War. 9 years ago, The 1st Ladder War match took place and saw The Briscoes defeat Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. "Steen" and "Generico" were involved in 3 of the first 4 Ladder War matches, culminating at Final Battle in 2012 when Steen defeated Generico in New York City. The last one took place two years ago and saw Adam Cole defeat Jay Briscoe.


The Guns and Bucks rid the ring of The Addiction early on. They attempt to battle each other when The Addiction comes back in the ring with steel chairs and strike down all 4 men. They then do some showboating in the middle of the ring sitting on the chairs and pointing to the tag titles that are hanging above the ring. The Young Bucks are back up and they deliver superkicks to The Addiction. While The Bucks and Guns battle on the inside, The Addiction are the first team to go for a ladder on the outside. They try to hit Nick Jackson with it but miss. Chris Sabin springboards to the outside and lands on The Addiction. Shelley and Sabin try now to bring the ladder in the ring. The Bucks drop kick the ladder into the both of them. Nick Jackson then leaps over the top rope and onto his 4 opponents on the outside.

The Bucks set up a ladder in the ring. As they try to open up the ladder together. Alex Shelley leaps onto the ladder and slams it down on The Bucks hands. Alex Shelley then mocks The Young Bucks doing the Kliq symbol. Kevin Kelly on commentary says that The Bucks are not going to be able to two sweet anymore after Shelley's move. The Machine Guns then start doing some tandem offense on Nick Jackson. Matt Jackson rises and superkicks Sabin. Steve Corino annoyingly screams superkick on commentary.

The Bucks are back in control of the match. Matt gets Christopher Daniels in a head scissors on the apron. Nick grabs the ladder and rams into Daniels exposed head. Now it's Kaz and Matt Jackson in the ring. The ladder is set up in the center and Kazarian tries to run up it to get the titles. Nick meets him up there. Shelley and Sabin are in the ring. Shelley sprays Nick in the face with water and he goes down. Sabin hits Kaz with a steel chair and he falls off of the ladder. The Guns then use the ladder as a weapon in tandem and they hit Kaz in the head with it. Daniels comes into the ring and he is busted open and bleeding from earlier. Looks like a cut above his left eye. The Guns end up using the ladder against Daniels. Hitting two successive moves on him where Daniels lands squarely on the ladder.

Sabin sets up the ladder and climbs up it. The Bucks are now in to stop him. Matt gets him down and buckle bombs Sabin. Nick takes out Shelley. Kaz is back in the action. So is Daniels. They try to use the ladder. They get caught with it. End with both of their heads in the rungs of the ladder. This leads to a dual Young Bucks superkick. The Bucks set up the ladder on the ropes. Daniels gets power bombed into it. They then drape Daniels on the ladder and Nick hits an assisted senton on Daniels. Bending the ladder. The Bucks go to the outside, looking for a replacement ladder.

The Bucks start rearranging furniture on the outside of the ring. They take apart the barricades. They have 3 of them. 2 set across while 1 is set on top of it. While this is happening. Kazarian gets a ladder of his own and sets in the ring and starts to climb. Matt notices this and runs in the ring to stop Kaz from getting to the top of the ladder. Matt goes to power bomb Kaz off of the ladder but he somehow escapes and ends up back on the ladder. Nick comes from the other side of the ladder and starts punching Kaz. Kaz hits back and grabs Nick by the neck and then delivers a cutter from the top of the ladder. In the ring come, The Machine Guns. They grab Matt Jackson and throw him into a ladder in the corner. Shelley then gives Kazarian a urinagi off of the apron and through a table at ringside. Shelley not to be outdone, Back body drops Matt Jackson through another table at ringside. A bloody Christopher Daniels grabs Sabin and puts him through a table at ringside. Kazarian is now busted open and set on a table on the outside and Nick Jackson dives on top and through Kazarian. This frantic pace prompts a "Holy" chant from The crowd.

Christopher Daniels and Matt Jackson struggle to their feet. They grab ladders and head to the inside of the ring. Here comes Sabin and Shelley. All 4 men climb to the top of the ladder, Kazarian is in with his own ladder. Now 3 ladders set up in the middle of the ring. Nick Jackson jumps off the ropes and onto Kaz's ladder. All 6 men climbing towards the tag titles as the crowd chants, "Please don't die".

A slugfest ensues at the top of the 3 ladders. Daniels and Shelley are the first to go off the ladders. Followed by Matt and Sabin. Kaz and Nick are still battling at the top of the ladder. Nick knocks Kaz off the ladder. Has a chance to grab the titles but can't get a good handle of them. The Guns and The Addiction team up and grab the ladder and carry it with Nick Jackson on top. They then deposit Nick Jackson over the top rope and through a table at ringside. He crashes and burns. Shattering the table. Another "Holy" chant.

The Bloody Addiction are now left in the ring with The Guns. The Guns win the battle. They set up a Daniels ladder sandwich. They stand up the ladder with Daniels shoved inside of it and place him in the corner. Kaz tries to run in and save his partner with a steel chair but misses The Guns and hits Daniels instead. The Guns then throw Kaz into Daniels. Sabin climbs to the top rope and slams the ladder into the mat with Daniels in it. The entire crowd is on their feet. The Motor City Machine Guns begin to climb the ladder. Back in the ring now are The Young Bucks. They take out The Guns with superkicks. Kazarian tries to jump on the ladder to stop Matt from climbing it but he eats a superkick. This leads to a superkick party which ends with The Bucks superkicking Daniels off the apron and on top of the barricades that The Bucks set up earlier. No give on that fall for Daniels. He crashed and burned on that one.

The Bucks then hit a Super Meltzer Driver on Shelley on the outside. Set up as an improvisionational move when Matt is attempting to tombstone Shelley, Nick is pushed off of the ladder in the ring. He lands on the top rope and then dives onto Shelley. The Bucks get together set up a ladder in the ring and start to climb with their opponents out of the picture. Out comes Kamaitachi. He knocks both of The Bucks off the ladder. Daniels is in the ring thanking Kamaitachi. Daniels sets up a ladder ad hits Angel's wings on Sabin on top of it..... Here comes Jay White, He pushed Kamiatachi off the top rope and through yet another table. Where are all these tables coming from?... That's like 11 by now.... Daniels comes up from behind White and gives him a low blow and guess what happens to Jay White. You guessed it. He ends up going through a table.

Daniels hits The "Best Moonsault Ever" on Matt Jackson to a huge applause from the audience. This prompts a fallen angel chant. Now The Addiction set up a table and a ladder in the ring. It's The Addiction and The Bucks in the ring together. Kaz has Matt on a table in the corner. Daniels and Nick are climbing to the top of the ladder. Daniels goes to suplex Nick off of it but Nick backdrops Daniels through the ladder on the opposite side of the ring. Nick stalls on the ladder, gets kicked by Kaz. Kaz goes to the top rope and tries to attack Matt. Matt counters and sets up Kazarian in a tombstone on the top rope. Nick climbs to the top of the ladder and has a chance to grab the titles but instead he leaps off the ladder and hits a Meltzer Driver on Kaz through a table. Crazy spot.

Matt climbs up the ladder with his brother and pulls down the tag titles after a bit of a struggle. We got new tag champions.


The Bucks celebrate their victory to the delight of the crowd as the show ends. Crazy match. It lived up to the expectations. Thanks for joining us here tonight.


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