Ring Of Honor TV Recap (12/14): "Women Of Honor" Special, ODB Vs. Kelly Klein, Jessicka Havoc

Ring Of Honor TV Episode #273
Taped in Baltimore, Maryland
"Women of Honor" Special

- Coming off an excellent pay per view in Final Battle, ROH is kind of in a holding pattern at the moment. The tapings that will lay the foundation for the start of 2017, are not set to start airing for awhile. This week's show will be followed by a Final Battle fallout special next week.

- Final Battle is now available on demand at ROH Wrestling.com. Ring of Honor has also released a recent video from the event. Where Kyle O'Reilly addresses the NY crowd after his world championship victory over Adam Cole.

- This week's entire ROH TV episode was devoted to Women of Honor. This is their 2nd TV special that has focused entirely on ROH's women's wrestling division. Ring Of Honor relaunched their womens division in 2015. Their first WOH TV special took place in July. For a company with a reputation of creating excellence, and setting the industry standard in many respects over the years. ROH, admittedly has been behind the times, when it comes to the revitalization of women's wrestling in the United States. "WOH" has been their attempt to get back in the game. It's cool to see these female wrestlers get a chance to shine in a company that has set the gold standard for in ring excellence.

- This show was taped at The Myers Pavillion in Baltimore. It featured four separate women's matches. Joining the show on commentary are Ian Riccoboni and Nigel McGuinness. Just recently, ROH has announced that Nigel McGuinness will no longer be their "matchmaker". That there is going to be a commitee that oversees ROH wrestling and books the cards. There figures to also be a change to their broadcast team with the departure of color commentator Steve Corino.

- Two separate videos air prior to this show's opening match. They profile both Deonna Purrazzo and Candice LeRae. Deonna is a familiar face to some. She has worked NXT shows and has appeared on WWE TV . Most recently on Raw during New Day's celebration party, and on Smackdown last night against Alexa Bliss. At one point, Deonna was labeled as "Jane Ellsworth" by Alexa Bliss. Here is a photo of her with the legend himself last night.

-In Deonna's video profile, She talks about her journey in the wrestling business. Deonna talks about how proud she is of helping relaunch Women Of Honor. How her match in 2015 helped kickoff the rebirth of WOH. She speaks about her love for the wrestling business, and how it consumes her everyday life.

- In Candice LeRae's video, She talks about being a wrestler for 15 years. How happy, she is to have finally made it to Women of Honor.... Just some quick background on LeRae. She is married to current NXT tag team champion Johnny Gargano. She has been a star on the indy scene for quite some time. Has wrestled several intergender matches. Most notably against her own husband in the past.

"The Virtuosa" Deonna Purrazzo vs. Candice LeRae

The code of honor is adhered to by both women before and after this match. The match itself started out as a technical one. A lot of wristlocks, hammerlocks and standing switches. Followed up by several reversals. The ROH crowd rewards their efforts with an early applause. Deonna ends up with an early advantage on Candice. She sends Candice crashing to the outside floor. She then starts working on her left arm. Purrazzo controls the next portion of the match, by relying on her technical wrestling. Trying to set up Candace for a submission. LeRae fights back, and heads to the air. LeRae hits a suicide dive on Purrazzo. This leads to a nice looking spot, where Deonna is reeling in the ring, with her back turned to LeRae. Candice heads to the top rope, and hits a double foot stomp directly into Purrazzo's back.
The final sequence of this match sees both women trade german suplexes. Deonna hits a russian leg sweep on Candice, rolls through and locks in the Fujiwara arm bar submission. LeRae escapes and puts Deonna into an octopus submission hold. Deonna breaks free of it, and once again applies the armbar on Candice. Unable to escape this time, Candice LeRae taps out.

* Deonna Purrazzo defeats Candice LeRae by submission

Veda Scott & Kennadi Brink vs. Faye Jackson & Samie Sukai w/Solo Darling

A lot of different factors in play for this match. First off, This was taped awhile ago. Veda Scott asked for and received her release from Ring of Honor recently. At one point, She was a featured character on ROH TV, and had faded to the background in recent months. Sukai is the veteran in this match. Scott and her held up their own in this one. Brink and Jackson are two power themed wrestlers. Brink is a promising prospect who was trained by the Dudleys. Despite having a very unique look and some charisma, Faye Jackson is very green and it showed in this particular match. Her timing was way off. It led to this being a very sloppy match. The final sequence saw Kennadi Brink get the anaconda vice on Jackson, which led to Faye tapping out.

* Kennadi Brink & Veda Scott defeated Faye Jackson & Samie Sukai

- A Mandy Leon interview airs. She talks about her recent feud with Taeler Hendrix. Mandy calls Taeler a woman of dishonor. How Taeler won't stand up to her face to face. How Hendrix is sending others to come get her like Jessicka Havoc. That leads to the next match.

"The Exotic Goddess" Mandy Leon vs. Jessicka Havok

Simple story told here. Mandy attempts to stick and move. Trying to avoid getting caught by her larger opponent. When Mandy does eventually get caught. Havok beats her down for several minutes. She then hits the "beautiful disaster" on Mandy. Havok covers Leon, but interrupts the inevitable 3 count, and decides to inflict more damage to Mandy. Havok goes to the outside and grabs a steel chair. When she attempts to hit Mandy with it, Deonna Purrazzo runs to the ring, and gets onto the apron. She then grabs away the steel chair from Jessicka Havoc. Havoc turns her attention towards Purrrazzo. Mandy comes up from behind and rolls her up for the pinfall.

* Mandy Leon defeats Jessicka Havoc by pinfall

After the match. An irate Jessicka Havoc attacks both Mandy Leon and Deonna Purrazzo. She chokeslams the both of them and leaves them laying in the ring.

Women Of Honor TV Main Event

"The Gatekeeper" Kelly Klein vs. O.D.B.

Klein, if you haven't seen her before, has a shooter styled gimmick. Complete with a mouthguard. ODB, of course has her trusty flask with her.... The story billed here, is that Kelly Klein has been undefeated for over a year now. They start the match off brawling. Which ends up favoring ODB. With the action on the outside, Klein turns the tables, by throwing ODB shoulder first into the ringpost. Kelly goes to work on ODB's shoulder for the next few minutes.

ODB is able to escape Klein's submission attempts. ODB fires up and hits multiple shoulder tackles on Klein. ODB does her signature spot, of slapping her chest before running full speed and splashing Klein in the corner. The move ends up knocking out Kelly Klein's mouthguard. ODB then hits the Lou Thesz press on Klein. She covers Kelly for a close fall.

Kelly battles back and hits a german suplex on ODB. She then hits a really impressive bridge suplex on her. That leads to a near pinfall victory. Both women are on their feet now, trading strikes. ODB spears Klein and covers her for a 2 count. She then attempts to hit a fallaway slam on Klein, Kelly shifts her body and turns the move into a guillotine choke. ODB tries to power out with Kelly on her back, but ends up falling to the mat. Klein clamps on the choke harder. ODB passes out and the referee calls for the bell.

* Kelly Klein defeats ODB by ref stoppage

- As the show is ending. Next week's episode is previewed. The showcase will be on the fallout from Final Battle and a Decade of Excellence tournament.


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