Viktor Responds To WWE Snub, Baron Corbin Arrives At Elimination Chamber, Brie Bella - Nikki Video

- Above is a video of Brie and Nikki Bella sending out some updates. Brie stammered a bit through a story, which caused Nikki to say "T-t-t-today, junior!" In response, Brie said "What a B----" then continued on with her story.

- As noted earlier, Daniel Bryan told a story on how he and Viktor teamed together in the indies and were named "Double Meat." Today, WWE posted a video of when Daniel Bryan teamed with Roman Reigns, a match that involved The Ascension, although they were nowhere to be found in the clip. Bryan took notice of this and retweeted:

Viktor responded to the snub:

- WWE Superstars are starting to arrive for tonight's show and cameras caught up with Baron Corbin to ask how he felt.

"Feel good, feel good, as always, ya know, we prepare everyday for this. I expect to be the best, I believe I am the best and I'm walking out WWE Champion."


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