The Undertaker And Michelle McCool Birthday Pic, Kofi Kingston Note, John Cena WrestleMania XX Match

- Above is the full WrestleMania XX U.S. Championship match between then-champion The Big Show and John Cena. Cena nailed Big Show with brass knucks and then hit the F-U to win the title.

- Cybersmile has a short interview here with Kofi Kingston, who was talking about bullying and if he overcame it.

"I was bullied over several things when I was younger. I specifically remember being bullied over my name, to the point where I would go home upset my parents hadn't named me 'Joey'. I don't know if I 'overcame' it. I just endured it until it stopped. It wasn't until I was older that I realized and really appreciated how special it was to be unique.

- As noted, The Undertaker turned 52 years old yesterday. Taker's wife, Michelle McCool, posted the photo below of the couple on his birthday:

Happy birthday to my main squeeze! #blessed #LOVE ??

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