Bray Wyatt On Undertaker Comparisons, Papa Shango - Ultimate Warrior Memories, More

Recently, 'Prime Time' Sam Roberts caught up with former WWE Champion, Bray Wyatt. Among other things, Wyatt talked about being compared to the legendary Undertaker and shared one of his early pro wrestling memories.

On the comparisons commonly drawn between The Undertaker and himself, Wyatt indicated that it is an honor to be compared to 'The Deadman' and claimed that he brings a darkness like The Undertaker, but the comparison ends there.

"For me to be compared to The Undertaker is unbelievable. I've been in there with him. I did a WrestleMania against him two years ago. And I did another one against him and Kane. I don't think if you put us side-by-side and watched our work, they're not similar. They aren't. It's the dark stuff that kind of brings us together that people want to branch us, but the thing is that we are completely different. And I think [pro] wrestling needs that kind of dark entity in it. And I just think that I bring it. I bring it in a completely different way, but it's still that entity that people need. They need that part of professional wrestling that kind of takes you out of the elements. It's not two guys in MMA shorts rolling around. It's magic."

According to Wyatt, who was always a fan of the horror film genre, one of 'The New Face Of Fear''s earliest memories of pro wrestling is of Papa Shango's angle with The Ultimate Warrior.  

"100%, it was the storytelling and stuff like that. I've always been a huge fan of horror movies. I like the feeling of the thrill and I've always been attached to those movies, so naturally, the progression was once I started watching wrestling, it was the characters that always caught my eye. Like, one of my earliest memories of this was Papa Shango and The Ultimate Warrior and Papa Shango having the nasty black ooze coming at Ultimate Warrior with the voodoo. And I think that's the type of stuff that really sticks in my head."

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Source: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast


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