Indie Wrestler Talks Riding With Ryback, What He Thinks Ryback Meant By His Indie Wrestling Comments

Independent professional wrestler David Starr sat down with Wrestle:List recently to discuss life as a wrestler and his career up to this point. In the interview, he addressed some notable topics, including the "dive versus headlock" debate and Ryback's comments on indie wrestling ruining wrestling. Also, he of course answered the question about going to WWE someday.

"Whatever people want to do in their match I have my own tastes and everyone has their own thing," Starr said on the dive versus headlock debate. "And that's what's great about wrestling. You're the artist and you can paint whatever picture you want. That is what it is,"

He continued, "At PROGRESS, you saw Pastor William Eaver use some kind of special force that he was drawing from his religion to control people. Come on, man. Who cares? As long as it makes sense with whatever reality you've created, sure. And then obviously that translates to doing dives, or headlocks, or cool moves. As long as it makes sense in the context of whatever you put out there, and the crowd likes it that's all that matters. Is there a right way to do wrestling and a wrong way to do wrestling? No. There's all sorts of flavors of ice cream."

Starr was asked about recent comments made by former WWE star Ryback, who said he believes independent wrestlers are ruining wrestling.

"I rode in a car with him for about an hour and a half. We really talked a lot and I really enjoyed being around him," Starr recalled on his time spent traveling with The Big Guy. "I think his perspective was more that the matches are getting more physically demanding and independent wrestling is the driving force behind it."

"That's what I'd guess he was saying, if he wasn't then I apologize to him for misinterpreting his words. But I disagree with the phrasing, I wouldn't say that it is ruining wrestling," Starr commented. "It is making wrestling harder and you have to work harder. I think it's a good quality to have, you have to be able to perform. It's getting harder to be a top guy and that means the cream is going to rise to the top and you have to up your game."

Starr was asked the question most successful independent workers are asked and that is about the possibility of going to WWE. He expressed happiness with his career right now but believes WWE would be cool, "I'm really happy with where I'm at. WWE would be cool. I don't want to set my sights on that as the end-all and be-all, because you never know they might not come knocking."

"Does that mean you're not a good wrestler no but I want to make an impact obviously," Starr said. "I want to be respected by my peers. If they come calling, of course, you have to take their call. But moving forward, I don't know. I'm really happy with what I'm doing now."

You can read Starr's complete interview with Wrestle:List where he explains he's just trying to be a better wrestler and a better person by clicking here.


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