Jim Cornette Talks His Response To Police When Served With Vince Russo's Protective Order

Jim Cornette released a new YouTube video where he responded to Vince Russo filing an order of protection against him. In the video, Cornette detailed police officers serving him with the document, an EPO out of Posey County, Indiana, at his home.

Cornette joked that he didn't know what an EPO was, nor did he know the location of Posey County, Indiana. He thought EPO had something to do with environmental protection or hazardous waste until one of the officers asked him if he knew a Vincent Russo. Cornette recalled laughing and joking, calling for his wife, who also thought it was hilarious. The officers informed him the order was filed due to threatening comments made on national podcasts.

"I guess I'm going to have to modify my behavior," Cornette said in response to being served with the 9-page protective order. "I thought that we were just bros doing podcasts, he always said it was my shtick — I think that was a quote — to knock him, then I did it for downloads and attention and everything. You know, 'cause that's what my people expected of me and etc. and you wouldn't take out a protection order over that, you'd be foolish to do that. So I didn't realize he was taking it so seriously."

"And obviously the last thing that I would ever do is disobey a court order, I would not do that. And I certify that here right now in public," Cornette said. "So I'm going to do the things this court order says because a lot of the boxes are checked off… Vince Russo says he's been a victim of stalking by me. That I threatened to cause physical harm to him that I placed him in fear of physical harm and this would happen not only on national podcasts but that I've been doing this — in his own handwriting here — since October of 1999 in five different states."

Russo and Cornette's feud goes back decades, with things escalated recently when Cornette claimed on WWE Network's Table For 3 episode entitled 'Creative Committee' that Russo writes Vince McMahon every week about wanting to go back. A claim Russo emphatically denied on the Wrestling Inc. podcast. This resulted in Cornette challenging Russo to a shoot fight and Russo issuing an 'apology'. It was learned on Thursday that Russo had filed an order of protection against Jim Cornette.

"So I'm going to stay away from Vince Russo's house that I've never been to," Cornette said in response. "And his place of employment if we can find it. And I'm going to stay away from his wife Amy, who I haven't seen since 1997. And I won't call him on his current phone number that I've never called and didn't have before last week."

"And most of all, I promise that I would never commit," Cornette paused and cleared his throat. "Excuse me, hold on, I'm going to read from, I'm actually quoting here. I would never do any of these things I'm prohibited from doing. I would never commit acts of domestic or family violence, stalking or sex offenses against Vince Russo or his household members or any other kind of member that he might have hanging around. Never would I do such a thing. I swear to that."

Cornette stated that he wants to apologize to Vince Russo for putting him in fear of physical harm. He stated the last thing he wants on his conscious is the thought of Vince Russo lying awake at night sacred of him. Cornette said he didn't realize what he had done and feels horrible. Cornette thought after Russo's "apology" that they were making progress. You can watch Cornette's latest video embedded in the player above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please provide with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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