Paige Comments On Breakup?, Io Shirai Not Starting With WWE Anytime Soon, Triple H Vs Eddie Guerrero

- WWE posted the video above of the WWE Championship match between Triple H and Eddie Guerrero on the March 22, 2004 episode of RAW which featured the WWE Draft. There was no winner as the match turned into a big brawl featuring RAW and SmackDown talents.

- As noted, Io Shirai was expected to start with WWE soon. She dropped the World of Stardom title to Mayu Iwatani last week at Korakuen Hall. She apparently won't be starting with WWE soon, as she noted in a blog post that she has a neck injury. She said that she will have an evaluation done in July, and her return will be determined then. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the injury was found during her WWE medical tests and that she "will not be with WWE for awhile" although she is still expected to eventually join.

- As noted, Alberto Del Rio broke up with Paige last night in Orlando. Paige apparently responded to reports of the breakup on Twitter today, writing:


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