WWE 205 Live Results: Neville Takes On Rich Swann, Gulak Vs. Ali, Jack Gallagher Vs. Tony Nese

205 Live On The WWE Network
Airing Live From The Nutter Center At Wright State University In Dayton, Ohio

Akira Tozawa and Rich Swann are shown backstage. Swann tells Akira that tonight is a big night for him because he has Neville in the main event. Titus O'Neill interrupts the conversation singing his "Cha Cha Cha Ching" song. Titus tells Swann that he has the potential to be a part of The Titus Brand but he needs to fix his hair because he doesn't look like The Weekend. After Swann leaves, Titus presents Akira with a contract to join his brand. Akira doesn't show any interest but Titus treats it as if Tozawa is negotiation for a new deal. Titus offers to up the money offer for Akira by introducing Akira themed towel merchandise. When Tozawa doesn't respond to O'Neill's latest offer. Titus tells Akira that he will give him some time to think about it and that he will present him with an offer next Monday on Raw.

- Vic Joseph and Corey Graves are at ringside on commentary. They intro this week's show and go over tonight's lineup with the just added Neville-Swann match.

'Gentleman' Jack Gallagher vs. 'The Premier Athlete' Tony Nese

Highlights are shown from last week of Tony Nese disrespecting Austin Aries, only to have his friend Jack Gallagher come to his defense, leading into this match..... Both men try to show each other up early on. Gallagher gets the early advantage with some of his close quarters grappling and unique hi-jinx. He falls before Nese pretending to be tied up in a pretzel, when Nese approaches him, Gallagaher grounds him. Nese battles back with his power and aggressiveness. He takes down Gallagher with a shot to the back of his neck.

Tony Nese stays in control and actually does ab workouts while kicking Gallagher at the same time in the corner. Moments later, Gallagher fights back with some strikes, a drop kick and a beautiful gut wrench suplex. Jack Gallagher then delivers a visually and audibly impressive headbutt that takes down both men. Austin Aries is shown backstage watching the match on a monitor.

Nese tries to charge at Jack when both men get to their feet but Nese ends up running shoulder first into the ring post. The ref considers calling the match after Nese sells being seriously injured. The ref gets Gallagher to back off. It turns out to be a ploy by Tony Nese, as he throws Gallagher head first into the bottom turnbuckle head first. Nese then executes a running knee to Gallagher's jaw and pins him.

Tony Nese defeats Jack Gallagher by pinfall

Noam Dar is backstage. He's got his girlfriend Alicia Fox on facetime again this week. Dar is trying to reassure her that they should forget about Cedric Alexander and move on. Alexander shows up and tells Dar that he is sick of having to say every week that he is over Dar and Fox. Noam tells Cedric that he should just quit 205 Live altogether. Dar says this while Alicia is ranting and raving in the background. Noam ends up asking Cedric if he knows how to fish because he is going to have fish his bag out of the bottom of the river. Cedric looks puzzled, walks away briefly and then returns with his own bag. He tells Noam, "You mean this bag?". Dar is upset when Cedric leaves. It turns out Alicia gave him the wrong info on what Cedric's bag looks like. Ariya Daivari happens to walk in the ring and he asks Noam if he has seen his bag. Daivari says that it was a gift from his father and that they are only two of them in the whole world, and that it costs 15 thousand dollars. Noam walks away as Ariya starts asking others for help.....

Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali

A video of the history between these two airs before Gulak and Ali square off.... On his way to the ring, Drew tries to sell Ali on partnering up with his campaign and installing a No Fly Zone stipulation in this match. Mustafa Ali answers by taking to the air with a twisting corkscrew plancha on Gulak. Drew Gulak turns things around and grounds Ali when he pushes him off the top rope with Mustafa crashing to the outside floor. Gulak goes to work on and eventually gets him in an abdominal stretch. Gulak controls the majority of the match and trash talks Ali throughout. Ali eventually rallies, he misses a high risk move and gets caught by Drew Gulak but Ali then rolls up Gulak suddenly in a cradle and pins him.

Mustafa Ali defeats Drew Gulak by pinfall

Jack Gallagher is walking backstage. He is approached by Austin Aries. Austin thanks Jack for standing up for him, despite his loss tonight against Tony Nese. Austin talks about how they both haven't had much success lately using the gentlemanly approach. Austin suggests that he and Gallagher take the same approach that the likes of Neville and TJP have. Gallagher doesn't seem to be too keen on the idea. Aries talks about their similarities and suggests a loose affiliation between them. Gallagher shakes hands and agrees to form this partnership.

Highlights are then shown of what has taken place recently between Neville and Rich Swann, including Neville's recent attack on Swann..... Rich Swann is backstage and is approached by TJP. Perkins tells Swann that he didn't appreciate Swann questioning his recent antics of late. TJP tells Rich that he was trying to get in his head before his big title match last week with Neville. Swann tells TJP that he wasn't trying to mess with him, that they have been friends for a long time and that he was sincerely concerned for him. Perkins buys Swann's explanation and wishes him luck.

Akira Tozawa makes his way to ringside to watch the main event.

205 Live Main Event
Neville vs. Rich Swann

Neville controls the early portion of the match. Swann battles back with a drop kick, that sends Neville to the floor. Rich then grounds Neville with a side head lock. He actually gets him down to the mat by yanking Neville by his ears. The pace of the match picks up and Swann takes down Neville with head scissors, followed by a drop kick. Neville tries to buy himself some time but Swann tries not to let up. He attempts to run full speed at Neville but he gets grounded by a double axe handle. Neville then takes Swann to the top to set up for a superplex. Rich battles back and pushes Neville off, but he lands on his feet. Both men battle back to the top rope. Neville gets bounced to the outside floor. Swann then flies over the top rope and somersaults onto Neville.

When the action returns to the ring, Rich Swann attempts a rolling thunder but Neville lifts up his knees at the last moment. The Cruiserweight Champ re-takes control and throws Swann into the ringside barricade twice on opposite ends. The battle continues on the outside, Swann tries to fight back but ends up getting slammed into the broadcast table.

When Swann gets back into the ring, Neviile is perched on the top rope, waiting to fly onto a crawling Swann, who ends up collapsing. Neville gets down from the ropes and starts to stalk Swann. Rich fires up when Neville grabs him by the hair. He hits a great looking superkick on Neville. Both men start trading strikes and Swann wins the exchange and it leads to a near pinfall.

Moments later with the crowd getting into it, Swann hits a leaping clothesline and after an offensive flurry, gets a near pinfall on Neville. Swann then heads to the top but Neville tries to stop him from leaping. Swann knocks down Neville and leaps off with the phoenix splash but he misses. Neville clamps on The Rings of Saturn and is eventually forced to submit.

Neville defeats Rich Swann by submission

The show ends with Neville staring down Akira Tozawa at ringside after obtaining the victory.


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