Eddie Edwards On How Being A Pro Wrestler Is A "Selfish" Job, Full Metal Mayhem, Davey Richards

Eddie Edwards spoke to the Orlando Sentinel before his upcoming match at Slammiversary. Here are some of the highlights:

Working with Davey Richards:

"Before we first tagged nine years ago, we had no idea. Sometimes even two great wrestlers don't have chemistry, but we knew right away that this could be special. Every time we wrestle, even now, our chemistry still improves. We both know we want to be the best -- the best trained, the best match on the card. The way he trains drives me. I'll watch him wrestle on a show I'm on and say, 'Damn right, I have to beat that.' It drives us to put out the best product we can."

Full Metal Mayhem Match at Slammiversary:

"It's fun for the fans I don't know how much fun it is for us. It's all these emotions wrapped up in this one match. Everybody has been that angry, that pissed off in their lives. We want to bring every emotion scared, danger. We want to try something different and create memories."

Being in the wrestling business:

"Being a pro wrestler can be a really selfish job. We get to live our dreams and travel the world, but if you look outside the bubble once in a while, it's nice to realize that what we do is for the fans."

You can read the full interview by clicking here. Be sure to join us for Live Coverage of Slammiversary tonight, starting at 8pm.

Source: Orlando Sentinel


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