WWE Main Event Recap: Rich Swann Gets A Victory, Ariya Daivari, Scott Dawson Vs. Kalisto

The Main Event opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. Rich Swann and Ariya Daivari make their entrances as Vic Joseph and Corey Graves check in on commentary.

Rich Swann vs. Ariya Daivari

They lock up. Daivari pushes Swann to the corner. Swann ducks a clothesline attempt from Daivari before chopping him several times. Swann dropkicks Daivari prior to pinning him for a two count. Swann goes to the top rope. Daivari rolls to the apron before Swann can attempt anything. Swann comes down to the apron. Daivari sends Swann head-first into the turnbuckle post. Daivari rolls Swann into the ring. Daivari gets back in the ring and stomps Swann several times in the corner. Daivari hits a neckbreaker on Swann before pinning him for a two count. Daivari briefly locks in a modified headbreaker on Swann. Swann eventually is able to kick Daivari. Daivari kicks Swann before sitting on he top turnbuckle. Swann hits a hurricanrana on Daivari. Swann hits a a Michinoku Driver on Daivari before pinning him for a two count. Daivari ducks a spin kick attempt from Swann. Daivari hits an Inverted DDT on Swann. Daivari hits a frog splash from off the top rope on Swann before pinning him for a two count. Swann connects with a spin kick on Daivari. Swann hits the Phoenix Splash on Daivari. Swann pins Daivari for the win.

Winner: Rich Swann

A recap of the recent developments between Enzo Amore and Big Cass in the last few weeks from RAW is shown.

A recap of Enzo Amore's in-ring promo from RAW is shown leading to Big Cass's backstage promo and altercation with Enzo.

A recap of the split screen interview with Samoa Joe and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar from RAW is shown.

Kalisto and Scott Dawson (w/Dash Wilder) make their entrances.

Kalisto vs. Scott Dawson (w/Dash Wilder)

They briefly lock up. Dawson pushes Kalisto. Dawson strikes Kalisto. Dawson hits a shoulder block on Kalisto. Kalisto hits a modified head-scissors on Dawson. Kalisto hits a pair of dropkicks on Dawson. Dawson rolls out of the ring. Kalisto teases a Suicide Dive. Kalisto rolls up Dawson for a two count. Dawson drives Kalisto into the mat as we head into a commercial break.

Dawson lifts Kalisto onto the top turnbuckle as we return from the commercial break. Kalisto headbutts Dawson before hitting a cross body from off the top rope. Kalisto eventually kicks Wilder before hitting a hurricanruna on Dawson that sends him to ringside. Kalisto hits a dropkick through the ropes on Dawson. Kalisto rolls Dawson back into the ring. Kalisto goes up to the apron. Kalisto kicks Wilder. Dawson clotheslines Kalisto. Kalisto rolls Wilder up for the three count.

Winner: Kalisto

A recap of Braun Strowman defeating Apollo Crews before brawling with Roman Reigns on RAW is shown to close the show.


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