James Storm On Why He Didn't Sign WWE Contract, How Many Years He Has Left

James Storm didn't sign a contract with WWE to perform on NXT because of the increased numbers of shows, the current Global Force Wrestling superstar confirmed in comments to the Sporting News.

Storm, 40, explained that when he worked several episodes of NXT in 2015 without a contract, he couldn't commit to a deal because they were looking to significantly increase their tour schedule.

"With the schedule of NXT and [Triple H] was telling me we're going to try and run 100-120 shows from here on out throughout the year and stuff," Storm told the Sporting News. "It's all great and everything but where I was, personally, in my life, I couldn't be on the road that much because I had some family problems, my wife wanted to have another kid. So, it was one of those things where it wasn't the right timing for me."

Storm revealed that Triple H told him to get his stuff together and maybe they could do business again in a couple of years. Storm recalled the conversation with the WWE boss:

"Hunter straight up told me, 'Go get your life together. This is my number. Maybe in two years, we can do business again.'"

James believes he has several good runs left on his body and is not looking on slowing down anytime soon. In fact, he believes he could go another five or six years, at least.

Global Force Wrestling is taking their product back on the road with live events scheduled for this weekend.

"It's really hard to judge who's over and who's not," Storm said. "I think with us getting back on the road, it will show management we need to push this guy because he's really over or we should do something with this guy. It also helps younger talent learn how to work. Not just go out and do all these moves but to learn to work."

You can read more comments from Storm by clicking here.


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