WWE Live Event Results From Melbourne (9/14): Roman Reigns, Enzo Gets Title Shot, Battle Royal, More

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Robert Blunt for sending in these results from today's WWE RAW live event in Melbourne, Australia:

* Jason Jordan won Battle Royal to face Miz for IC Title Later in Night (Heath Slater, Rhyno, Goldust, Titus O'Neill, R-Truth, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Elias Samson, Apollo Crews, Dean Ambrose). Entrances went longer than the match with all 11 competitors getting full entrances before the battle royal went just 8 mins (Grade: C)

* Neville (c) retained the Cruiserweight Title over Akira Tozawa & Enzo Amore. The match went just 6 mins. Tozawa was helped to the back and didn't look in good shape. (Grade: C-)

* The Hardy Boyz def Sheamus & Cesaro. Approx 11 minutes. Awesome to see Hardyz live (B+)

* Finn Balor def Bray Wyatt. Approx 15-20 minutes. Strong house show match but not anything we haven't seen a bunch of times on TV lately. (A-)

* Alexa Bliss (c) retained in fatal 5-way over Nia Jax, Mickie James, Sasha Banks & Emma. 7 minute match.Women did well with time they were given. Should've had more. (C)

* WWE Intercontinental Championship: Jason Jordan def The Miz (c) by DQ after the Miztourage interfered. Lengthy delays by Miz to draw heat pre match. Following Miztourage being ejected from ringside, they came back to force DQ.

* R-Truth & Dean Ambrose made the save and Kurt Angle made it a six man tag. Jordan, Truth & Ambrose defeated The Miztourage. 26 minutes from the opening bell of Jordan vs. Miz to the pinfall in the six man tag. (C-)

* Roman Reigns def Braun Strowman in street fight. Approx 15 minutes. Lacked energy both in ring and in the crowd. D.

Third time I've been, third year in a row and this was the worst of the three shows. Awesome to see Hardyz live and their match along with Balor/Wyatt were great. Rest of show was poor. Lacked atmosphere and due to so limited TV time for a lot of the card, crowd just didn't care for the mid to low carders. Lack of match time on the night hurt my enjoyment of the show. Read results from last night in Christchurch, and we had the exact same show tonight. That's where NXT excel in their house shows / tours, mixing up the card on a regular basis (eg. England tour leading up to Takeover London & Australia tour last year).


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