Matt Hardy On Woken Matt Vs. Broken Matt, Shawn Michaels - Finn Balor Backstage Video, Royal Rumble

- WWE posted this video of Dasha Fuentes asking Finn Balor and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels what a potential dream match might be like while backstage at the RAW 25 show earlier this week. HBK praises Balor but says there's no chance of them having a match now as he couldn't keep up because he's too old. Michaels mentions twice how he's happy to see WWE's future in good hands and how WWE is now filled with guys who look a little bit more like him. Balor mentions how he's looked up to Michaels for his whole life.

- Matt Hardy recently spoke with 2K to promote the recent WWE 2K18 DLC Pack and commented on how he would compare Woken Matt vs. Broken Matt. He said:

"They are very similar. Basically, Broken Matt broke down the barriers in his mind and could use more of that ability. And returning back home, the reception that we received when we came out at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, it held my condition, the Broken mind, dormant for a matter of months. And then, after touching the magical creature known as Bray Wyatt, it actually houses Sister Abigail, which I was able to draw from her magic and it reignited the magic within me. So I became Woken and realized all of my broken brilliance.

It's very interesting. They are very similar. There's a little bit of difference because the Woken Wisdom is the second rebirth. Now that my Woken Wisdom has finally been realized and I am conscious of everything that is going on now, I think that the wrestling fans are going to be in for a truly special run."

- The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia will be selling a custom Flyers-themed t-shirt at the WWE NXT "Takeover: Philadelphia" event on Saturday and the Royal Rumble on Sunday. You can see the shirt below:


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