WWE NXT Results (1/31): NXT TakeOver Philly Fallout, TM61 Returns, Strong Vs. Bate For UK Title Shot

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Tonight's episode should emanate from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. We'll see all the fallout from NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia as well as some new in-ring action. The Aussie duo of TM61 make their return to the squared circle. Roderick Strong and Tyler Bate will face off for a chance to face current champion Pete Dunne for the WWE United Kingdom Championship in the future.

- The show opens with a highlight reel of NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia over the event's theme song. We then get the usual intro video as the gang welcomes us to the show.

Nikki Cross vs. Lacey Evans

Lacey gets the early shot that sends Cross outside but then the rabid pitbull kicks into gear. She traps Evans in the ring apron and hauls off on her until the official breaks it up. Nikki scales the ropes but Evans sweeps the legs to take her down. Cover for a two but Nikki comes up smiling. A slightly perturbed Evans hits a Thesz Press and goes to town. Lacey heads up top for a moonsault but comes up empty. Cross then enters crazy mode with a bevy of shots. She powers up for her swinging neck breaker, connects, and that's it.

Winner via Pinfall: Nikki Cross

- Recap of the tag team title match from TakeOver where the Undisputed Era retained their championships over Authors of Pain.

- Ranallo recaps the action from the NXT Women's Title match where Moon retained a grueling match that saw newcomer Shayna Baszler dominate most of the match. Interview after the match with Baszler. She says she didn't lose, and Moon merely survived.

- Recap of Cole vs. Black Extreme Rules match from TakeOver. The match was celebrated as one of the better "extreme" matches in recent WWE history. Aleister Black came away the victor. Footage of a hobbled Undisputed Era trying to figure out what happened in that particular match after holding onto their belts earlier in the night.

- SAnitY gets their tag title rematch next week against Undisputed Era.

- A quick recap of Kassius Ohno vs. Velveteen Dream. Kayla Braxton asks why Dream didn't fulfill his promise of knocking out Ohno in thirty seconds or less. He says Ohno knocked his mouthpiece out and couldn't properly execute his plan. He simply says read his trunks that say "Dream Over" for his current state.

TM61 vs. The Ealy Brothers

Nice ovation for the Aussie duo. Ealys look like a million bucks and still have a bright future. Miller starts the match and he starts with a series of chops. Moonsault and fist drop combo offense. Ealys on the outside. Miller lowers the bridge for his partner Thorne to go flying into the twin towers. The Ealys pull "twin magic" where one replaces the other. Ealy prevents Miller from making a tag, but Miller with a big clothesline able to make the hot tag to Thorne. It is indeed hotter than a wombat's paws on an Australian summer day. One Ealy deposited to the outside, and TM61 hits Thunder Valley for the fairly decisive win.

Winners via Pinfall: TM61

- Backstage with TM61 who are mid-interview with Christy St. Cloud. Clever way to cut out something they didn't love at the beginning while still getting in their punchline.

- Recap of the NXT Championship match between Johnny Gargano and Andrade "Cien" Almas. The champ Almas retained in what I believe was one of the best overall matches in NXT history. We get to see some alternate angles of the action as well as the attack from Gargano's former partner and best friend, the returning Tommaso Ciampa.

- Footage of Ciampa limping away with his broken crutch without saying a word to the frantic media trying to get a word about his actions and status.

- Cathy Kelly talks to Almas and Vega after the Royal Rumble, which he entered and even eliminated Kofi Kingston. He lasted over 20 minutes, a solid performance.

- Quick coverage of the NXT signing of EC3 and the Royal Rumble entrance of Adam Cole. Bay Bay vs. Beast of Belfast Killian Dain next week.

Tyler Bate vs. Roderick Strong (UK Championship #1 Contendership Match)

Collar elbow tie up starts us off. Beautiful mat-based wrestling with an assortment of wrist locks and reversals. Whip exchange sees Bate hit a drop kick and twirls his mustache in celebration. Gets Strong in a fireman's carry but Roddy hops out before going spinning. Double underhook back breaker from Strong then one pendulum style. Knife edge chops being heard throughout the Wells Fargo Center. Strong laying his stuff in. Now slowing a pace a bit, the veteran grounds Bate with a front vice of sorts. Cover after a slam for a two as we go to our first break of the match.

We're back and Bate fights out of Strong's control, at least for a second. Strong applies a bow and arrow submission with Bate draped across his back. Bate somehow slips out and hits a headbutt to the midsection to create space. Bate lifts up Bop to hit Strong with Bang. Bate using this time to recover and both men stumble up about the same time. Bate with a boot to the face. Sets Strong up in the corner for upper cuts. Beautiful bridging German Suplex by bate gets a two. Bate looks for a suplex, Strong blocks, but still ends up hitting the exploder. Running shooting star press but doesn't get all of it. Bate now in firm control and heads up top. That gives time for Strong to scale the ropes with him. Bate fights out and sends Strong to the mat. Bate gets pulled off the rope and caught for a slam by Strong. Going move for move in rapid succession now. Pinning predicament by Bate but Strong's shoulders are up. Crowd showing their appreciation for the match as the two catch their breath. Bate going for the Tyler Driver, but the abuse to the back earlier in the match was too much. Roderick Strong goes on an absolute rampage of power moves, culminating with a face first power slam. He hits a lumbar check of sorts to finish the job.

Winner via Pinfall: Roderick Strong


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