Jinder Mahal Burns Gronk After The Super Bowl, The Rock's Movie Hits Milestone, Bludgeon Brothers

- Above, the Bludgeon Brothers are featured on this week's Canvas 2 Canvas. Next week's subject will be Elias.

- Released in December, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle starring The Rock made it to number one again over the weekend. The last time a movie did this was Titanic, 20 years ago. As noted, Rock's upcoming movie Skyscraper (out on July 13) released the teaser trailer during last night's Super Bowl. The full trailer was then released right after the Super Bowl on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which you can see below.

- At last night's Super Bowl, the New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, 41-33. Soon after, Jinder Mahal tweeted out "Shouldn't of Hindered..." with a photo of himself and Rob Gronkowski. Back WrestleMania 33 during the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, Gronkowski was in the front row and got into a verbal match with Jinder. Jinder threw some water at Gronk and headed back to the ring. Gronk would jump the barricade, get in the ring, and tackle Mahal to help Mojo Rawley eventually win the match.


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