Jay White Talks NJPW Dojo And Debut, Adam Page On Leaving His Job After Joining The Bullet Club

IWGP US Champion Jay White and Adam Page both spoke with ESPN before their upcoming match at tonight's NJPW Strong Style Evolved. White spoke about watching matches while in the NJPW dojo and Page talked about how joining the Bullet Club changed his life. Here are some of the highlights:

Being in the NJPW dojo and watching matches at ringside:

Jay White: "Yeah, it's hard work, but it's very clear how worth it it is the whole time and you're constantly reminded of that. Especially the big shows when you're there ringside as a young boy watching these huge main-event matches and have goosebumps throughout these matches. There wasn't really points where I had second thoughts about it."

Wrestle Kingdom 12 match against Hiroshi Tanahashi:

Jay White: "It was very special. Whether it's returning or debuting, you always have that feeling or fear of, 'Are they even gonna care?' I wasn't expecting any reaction from the crowd, especially being a foreigner back in Japan. When they revealed my face on the screen, I stood right backstage before I walk out and there was actually quite a big reaction. I was surprised. I was very happy with that."

Earlier in his career, Page worked in wrestling part-time and also was a teacher. Once joining the Bullet Club, he quit teaching shortly after:

Adam Page: "My life did a 180 when I joined Bullet Club. Joining Bullet Club opened the door to New Japan for me. It made me more valuable. I probably got the news in April [2016] and I joined in May, so I threw my papers in the air and left my teaching job because I knew I was going to be wrestling full time. It totally changed my life."

Page discussed working more singles matches. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


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