LaBar: Not Believing Alberto Del Rio Or Rey Mysterio Vs. John Cena Rumors

Alberto Del Rio To WWE rumors

Don't believe everything you read.

That's the first thought that comes to mind when seeing the reports of Alberto Del Rio having a meeting with Vince McMahon about a WWE return. I have little doubt Vince is a fan of Del Rio's. The Mexican star was booked in several high profile situations during his time in WWE over the course of two separate runs.

Del Rio is the type of character proven the WWE Chairman has a liking to. The rich, arrogant, better than everyone heel. Del Rio's character is another spin for this generation on "The Nature Boy" or "Million Dollar Man."

All that said, a report of them meeting about having him back to WWE seems fitting for Del Rio's negotiation purposes. With his Impact contract expiring in April, internet buzz of Del Rio possibly being courted by WWE would provide him with more leverage in negotiating a new deal with Impact.

Impact who has lost many high profile names certainly needs to hold on to Del Rio who is their biggest and most proven remaining on their regular roster. Based on what we see comparing the two, Impact's schedule would be much preferred over WWE's for the veteran turning 41 in May.

Del Rio grew up in the business and he knows how to work it.

Rey Mysterio vs John Cena rumors


I expect Rey Mysterio to make a WWE return sooner rather than later. Mysterio is marketable and kid-friendly. He's had a long history working for WWE that was mostly positive. WWE is committed to the 205 Live division which is a style and weight class for which Mysterio might be the most famous in North America.

Having Mysterio around in WWE now makes a lot of sense. Him having a match against John Cena at this year's WrestleMania doesn't make sense, injury or no injury to Mysterio.

The former WWE and WCW star was backstage at a SmackDown live event as seen on social media, but not at television as initially believed in reports. Several people I spoke to once these reports of Mysterio came out, who were at SmackDown television Tuesday, February 27th confirmed to me he was not in the building.

It's possible in his recent visits to WWE, the San Diego house show, and Royal Rumble before that, he made a mention of how he would love to work with John Cena. Maybe a mention of how he would like to work a WrestleMania. Every wrestler in the world wants to work WrestleMania and work with John Cena.

John Cena versus The Undertaker is the only path for Cena to the mega event. It's the match that hasn't been done at WrestleMania and you don't leave money on the table. Undertaker might have thought he was done last year so they did the laying the jacket in the ring symbolic ceremony. But it's pro wrestling and things change.

Cena mentioned Undertaker in a bold way in his promo two weeks ago on RAW. You don't tease that match unless it's going to happen.

After next week's WWE programming, we'll know it's going to happen.

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